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Four Rugs for Her New House

When my daughter moved into her first house, she was so excited. She wanted to make some changes but the owner told her that she could not paint the walls or lay down carpeting, even though she was going to use her own money to do it. She was disheartened, but I told her to not worry about it, that there were still ways that she could decorate without making permanent changes. I showed her a store online that sells rugs in Glasgow, and she loved what she saw. She realized that she did not have to buy carpeting for the entire room when an area rug could transform how a room looks just as well.

The best part about that idea too was the cost.

Should You Study Web Design in College?

There are a lot of great reasons to become a web designer, but you need to have all the right propensities. Not everyone is cut out for the work, and you don’t want to invest your time and money on a degree in web design if you don’t have what it takes. If you’re not sure what it takes, there’s a few questions that you should consider. Here is how to know if you should study web design in college.

Have You Ever Designed a Website?

It’s hard to say whether or not you would enjoy being a web designer if you’ve never designed a website before. After all, you don’t need to have a degree in web design in order to build a very basic website on one of the major drag and drop platforms, like Squarespace or Weebly. If you’ve had a chance to play on one of these platforms and have found it both fun and intuitive, then you might want to look into the web design programs at University of Miami or Maryville University.

Are You a Self Starter?

In order to be a web designer, you really need to be a self starter. There are plenty of different web design firms that you could work for, but a lot of web designers are independent contractors. Even if you do decide to work for a firm, you may have to find your own clients and you will need to conceptualize your own creative ideas for how your websites should look.

Are You Tech Savvy?

Needless to say, you won’t have a very long career as a web designer if you aren’t very tech savvy. Just because you can follow the directions given by your professors and complete the assignments that are handed to you, doesn’t mean that you have what it takes to make a career out of designing websites. This is because the platforms and the technology are constantly changing, and if you don’t have a passion for keeping up with that development, then you aren’t going to be very adept at your job over time.

How Do You Experience Websites?

If you are a filmmaker, you don’t just pay attention to the narrative and the quality of the acting when you watch movies. You pay attention to the different techniques employed in each and every shot; the soundscape, the lighting, the framing. Likewise, if you are a website designer, you’re not just paying attention to the information provided on each web page, you’re analyzing the methods employed and the intuitiveness of the design. If your brain isn’t constantly analyzing websites in such a way, then you might not be suited for designing websites.

Do You Have a Knack For Branding?

Last but not least, a web designer is not just a technician, he or she must be extremely creative when it comes to branding. If the business you are designing a site for is a brick and mortar business, you are going to have to develop an online experience that is cohesive with the branding that has been developed within their physical place of business.

Make Your Dubai Trip An Essential One Utilizing Voyage Web

Probably the hugest exercises your family can do together are to go on a family get-away. For most families finding the cash to appreciate a yearly excursion can be hard to accomplish, one of the ways you and your family can appreciate a getaway together is to investigate spending plan travel alternatives. There are two noteworthy procedures that can help families appreciate a yearly excursion together, one is to discover spending plan travel bargains that are altogether not as much as retail, travel costs, the other technique is to set up a travel spending plan with a specific end goal to arrange and spare cash during the time for a get-away. Inside 8-9 years Center Eastern nations have seen the extremely solid financial explosion. Another reason there is a tremendous inflow of vacationers in this city is a result of the low airfares, moderate visit bundles, and so forth. Which serves as an awesome chance to visit a universal vacationer destination that too without spending much amount?

Magnificent Arrangements Of Journey Site

Dubai is otherwise called the Brilliant City and got this title in view of the administrations and upscale foundation offered in this city. With first class administrations, there likewise accompanies a weighty cost, which not everybody can bear. So in the event that you need to appreciate the best of Dubai and that as well while staying in your financial plan, then you should sign on to cruiseweb which is one of the main entries for doing online travel organizations on the planet? They offer an assortment of pocket agreeable arrangements in Dubai. With years of experience, cruiseweb has built up a solid business sector furthermore appreciates a sound business sector notoriety. Being a main world arrangements gateway here you will locate the best offers on different administrations like dhow voyage bargains, city visits, nearby touring, eateries, inns and a few other enterprise sports exercises like desert safari, Dubai, sky plunging and so on. What makes them stand separated from the various entryways is the assortment of arrangements offered by them.

They offer a huge number of pocket benevolent arrangements that will without a doubt help you in encountering the best in class administrations offered by Dubai and that too staying in your financial plan. Alongside moderate arrangements, they additionally offer snappy administrations, i.e. they ensure that your arrangement, coupon Dubai achieves your doorstep in 24 hours of buying so you can utilize the arrangement as quickly as time permits. Bargains accessible in this segment are accessible temporary period just so make a point to secure your sought arrangement on time. At Cruiseweb, you will dependably discover quality arrangements and they likewise continue overhauling their arrangements area so that our clients dependably get new to arrangements to buy.

Buy A Customized Travel Trailer for Road Trips or Camping Trips

A road trip to the nearby boondocks can be a great way to spend a relaxing weekend with your near ones. You need a break from the monotonous routine and an exciting road trip will certainly be perfect. So, pack your bags and get ready for an adventurous trip with some friends and family members. If you are willing to go alone then it is suggested to be a bit careful, and you must carry some weapons like knife and pistol. The highway roads and boondocks are quite unsafe for solo travellers. You should always stay prepared to handle any situation in which you might have to deal with malicious individuals or criminals.

You cannot go on a trip in your SUV or crossover vehicle, especially when you have to cover a long route. You need a wagon that can carry all your bags and can be turned into a bedroom at night, wherein you can rest during the journey. If you can relate to the last line and want a vehicle that can be perfect for your road trips and camping trips then, it is suggested to buy a customized travel trailer. A personalized trailer is a must have for every adventure enthusiast and traveller. This vehicle can help you in travelling with style and comfort. It can be your little home away from home, in which you can stay safe with your loved ones. Customized travel trailers can be furnished with elements like mini-kitchen, bedding, and even a shower space.

A customized trailer can be a great investment for people, who have to travel quite frequently. These travel trailers can be furnished with all the essential amenities that you need while travelling. These vehicles are mostly used by adventure enthusiasts and car racers. Some customized trailers can even accommodate an ATV or car. So, if you are an adventure lover and want to take your all-terrain vehicle, wherever you go then you should buy a travel trailer, which is spacious enough to accommodate your vehicle. You can easily find customized travel trailers for sale, and can easily buy one.

If you are not willing to invest in a new trailer then you can go for a secondhand one. There are many travel trailer retailers, who offer fully-furnished used trailers. You can easily get in touch with them and can get one at reasonable prices. You can even rent a travel trailer for your road trip or camping trip. So, book a travel trailer and get ready for a relaxing road trip or an exhilarating camping trip.

Buy Affordable Travel Insurance Policies Online

An adventure in the far distant lands, a much-awaited overseas family reunion, a pilgrimage or important business – whatever your reasons might be for travelling overseas, the very first or the foremost step is to arrange the right travel insurance that will comprehensively assist and cover you at the time of need.

AMA travel shield is one the premiers companies that provides dynamic travel insurance modules, these modules have been designed and structured keeping in mind the very complexities that the travellers may face in the unknown foreign terrain. With these enhanced travel insurance policies travellers can relax because if a emergency or problem crops up, the dedicated and experienced service module of AMA travel shield will take care of it, with them help is available 24 hours a day.

UAE is one of most developed and leading business hub, people from this eminent nation are now travelling to faraway overseas destinations to make their presence felt on the international business scenario. AMA travel shield offers a comprehensive range of leading travel insurance policies for the travellers from UAE, these robust policies eminently cover the international travellers from UAE from all emergency situations and other critical aspects which they might face at the time of their travel or stay in International territory. AMA also offers these travel insurances online to facilitate the very needs of the modern day travellers from UAE, now the travellers from UAE can avail Online Travel Insurance UAE, from a place and time that is convenient for them.

Travel Insurance Online UAE covers all the important aspects of the modern day traveller from the loss of baggage to flight delays, critical illness to emergency evacuation and so on. Travellers can book their Online Travel Insurance UAE while they are travelling from UAE to overseas destinations and avail all the benefits. AMA travel shield is dedicated towards consistently upgrading their channel of support and assistance to their insured travellers all around the world; the dedicated team at AMA works meticulously to enhance the network of assistance tie-ups with some of the leading service provider companies.

While travellers are on the move there is very little possibility of personalized care and assistance without the services of an eminent travel insurance company, AMA ensures that the help reaches to the travellers from UAE in their time of need within the shortest possible time so that the traveller and their loved ones back at home are at complete ease. AMA has structured a strong network of medical assistance through collaborations with some of the leading chain of hospitals across the globe; this ensures timely and comprehensive medical assistance to the travellers from UAE when they need it the most.

AMA travel shield has set many benchmarks in the complex field of insurance sector through their robust services and affordable insurance packages; the primary focus of the company is to ensure the complete safety of their insured travellers through immediate relief and support.

Cheap Flights Tickets Impact Domestic Air Travel Demand by 14.8 Per Cent

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world as the business and services are flourishing in the country. This is the reason that the travel and tourism industry is also growing at a fast pace as people have to travel from one city to another in order to meet demands of the business. In addition to this, the lifestyle of people is also changing in this country and travel is becoming an important part. As per a recent International Air Transport Association (IATA) association report, the demand for domestic flight tickets in India was the highest in the world.

IATA Report

The overall global demand in the month of February was somewhere around 6.2 per cent and same in the previous month. On the other hand, the demand in India alone stood at 14.8 percent, more than the double of the global increase. The report also mentions that low fare flights offered by carriers played a significant role in the statistics. As far as the international demand is concerned, worldwide growth was 5.3 per cent and India also remained on the same track. The report also suggested that the strongest growth rate was registered in Asian countries. India and Brazil were just behind China as it benefitted from the Lunar New Year – a popular festival in the country.

This report also said that the demand in India started rising in the last few months of 2014 due to changes in the market scenario. The cost of Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF) dropped leading to decrease in the overall cost of operations. This allowed carriers to launch discounts, deals and schemes, which attracted many fliers. The trend continued in the 2015, leading to these statistics. As March and September quarters are considered lean season, airlines come with alluring deals, which offer cheap flight tickets. For instance, IndiGo, Vistara, Jet airways and GoAir recently announced their unique on immediate as well as advance booking. This will keep the demand quite high as travellers are attracted by such offers. It serves a mutual purpose; on one hand travellers can enjoy economical trip, and on the other hand carriers can maintain their flight occupancy. It is expected that the demand in India will remain quite constant due to these low fare flights.

Gain on International Routes

Not only domestic routes like Pune to Chennai, Jaipur to Lucknow or Delhi to Mumbai flight, India was ahead in demand for international travel as well. The overall global seat factor remained flat on domestic routes at 80.4 per cent, but it increased by 0.7 per cent on international flights. In addition to this, the increase in domestic capacity was 5.3 per cent while it climbed to 5.7 per cent on international routes.

The Director General and Chief Executive Officer of IATA said that Lunar New Year celebration affected these in the Asia-Pacific region, leading to these outstanding statistics. As per the IATA traffic reports, around nine million passengers travel on 100000 flights every day, on an average. The number is quite high for domestic travel as well in many countries, and with such high demand India can be one of them in the coming future.

As a result of all these factors, the impact of cheap flight tickets can be seen on the demand rate of air travel in the country.

Travel Las Vegas On A Budget. Part 1

Surprisingly, summer isn’t that expensive a time to go there. June-August months it’s very hot, it’s a desert after all. Everyone from all over the United States and abroad travel to this great city, which i truly believe everyone has to experience at least once.

Caesars Palace Hotel, The Wynn Hotel, Las Vegas Boulevard as far as old downtown Las Vegas / Freemont Street experience, all iconic must see places when you head to Las Vegas Nevada.

Is it expensive? Well for those travelling on a budget, good news, it isn’t anywhere near as expensive as i first thought.


Shop around online for starters. Going through the hotel direct isn’t necessarily a good thing at all. In fact, i found they are usually more expensive, unless you’re a Las Vegas high roller gambler , then sure, they’ll comp you. I’m guessing you were better off not gambling in the first place, it works out cheaper!

Look at websites like , awesome for comparing 1000’s and 10000’s of hotels and sites , giving you the best deals on in the marketplace. It’s tricky as prices change frequently. I find for June-August , the best time to book is around January-March. Sometimes you’ll get a great rate 6 months out, however, usually the three months leading up to your Las Vegas vacation, you’ll find the best rates. Significant savings on last minute or way too long before you’re due to travel. I keep looking at sites like, until i get a feel for the market. Typically a 7 day hotel stay should cost you anything from $350 to $1000, depending on location and star rating. Most will add a resort fee of $18-28 per night, payable on arrival. Keep that in mind when booking. Click on the hotel you’re interested in and read the fine print at check out stage, usually they mention the resort fee rate. You’ll get internet and gym / pool access included in the resort fee in most instances.

Hotels like Treasure Island, Harrahs and The Mirage are some of the best located hotels in Las Vegas and they really cater for the budget conscious traveler! and other similar travel sites will also give you a huge range of discounted budget hotels & flights. It pays to  book in advance, finding the sweet spot on price. You’ll work out what’s cheap after monitoring it for a few weeks. Sounds time consuming, it’s not. In the long run you’ll save heaps. These days i can book a hotel or flight without having to wait months or weeks i advance, because i have a feel for the travel market there now and know a great deal as soon as i see it. I’d bookmark the site and just keep checking until you’re happy with the price. If you have a budget in mind already and find what seems to be a good price in your budget. book it, because they can go up too!

So in concluding for now, when headed to Las Vegas Nevada for the dream vacation, you can do it on a budget and it’s not as expensive as you think.

A lot more to talk about next time, where i’ll go into Las Vegas Travel on a budget in greater detail.

You’ll see me at the tables at T.I (Treasure Island Casino poker room) usually gagging with the locals and friendly staff! I’m the Aussie, you can’t miss my voice.

Cheap Flights from Doha to London Encourage Tourists to Travel

In the fast-paced lifestyle of today, when entire families, businessmen, corporates, colleagues, students and friends are cutting across barriers of country and geographical space and spreading their wings to explore the world, on business or pleasure or bonding holidays, the competitive agencies in the exciting world of travel are working harder to provide deals and prices that are viable and cheaper. And so enter travel agencies and airlines into the fray of making the far corners of the world, a more accessible place. For those wanting to travel from Doha, the fastest growing city of Qatar and its capital, to London, the pulsating capital of Great Britain, is no great matter. Cheap flights from Doha to London abound and are positive portents for a viable stay.

Depending upon your budget, there are also a plethora of hotels in London to stay in, in conveniently accessible locations and with adequate in-room amenities for a comfortable stay. To get the best deal in this related segment of the travel and hospitality industry, an established travel bureau, which is a one-stop shop for all travel and hotel deals as well as a wide range of travel accessories and services, readily assists you in zoning in on winning deals.

By doggedly combining aggressively negotiated airfares and global resource of Hotel rates with cutting edge technology, it invariably provides the kind of efficient, cost-effective travel solutions that are essential in today’s internet climate. And gives inveterate and discerning travellers, great value for their money and the innate satisfaction of receiving more gains for less money spent!

This highly creative and comprehensive travel concept being founded by one of the leading business groups in the Middle East, based in Doha, Qatar, provided the necessary impetus to international travel and brought about greater flexibility and convenience in this industry, in the country concerned. The idea developed as a lifestyle destination based on regular traveler’s single source solution for the wide range of travel accessories, air travel tickets and holidays supported by well trained travel specialists.

Cheap flights from Doha to London, which are available several times a week, by recognized carriers, transports you in comfort and the minimum of travel fuss, to your glamorous travel destination. Depending upon your date of travel and return, you can access the relevant fares and pricing, from the travel agency’s online site. You can also register with them by filling in a brief online form with your relevant personal details. Once you have confirmed tickets for your travel, you can go about the procedure of selecting and making confirmed online reservations for your preferred choice of hotel in London, giving the names of people involved and how many days you will be requiring the accommodation for – the perfect travel concept!

How to plan Europe / Balkan road trip with rent a car, in different Drop off destinations

The summer is approaching and more of you are having thoughts and making plans for their summer vacation. Balkan countries with their natural beauties and diverse cultures are the most recommended – you can experience different lifestyles, visit exotic places and have a great fun and party at the most developed night life. All of you that will decide to spend their holiday on Balkans and come by a plane have to organize their means of transportation once when arrive there. You must stay mobile as there are plenty of special places that require car transport and must not be missed! There comes the need of a rent a car.
After you arrange your flights and have precise timing of arrival you have to book a rent a car that will be your best friend on the trip you are about to experience. which is a place you should visit before any trip to Balkan countries. After you decide from the wide range of available destinations you will choose a car that suits best your traveling needs and preferences. If you are alone or a couple and want to safe money you can choose cheap small cars that spend very little petrol, or if you want to travel with style you can have a convertible that will impress not only your traveling friend, but the domestic people you meet too. For those who travel with their families Optimus Car Rental has variety of cars to be selected starting from comfortable saloons and vans to luxurious terrain vehicles, but still staying in the economy zone as the prices are the most competitive and cheap. You can opt to pick up your car rental on the airport, which is the most convenient way – you will feel like a celebrity, or you can take the car in the center of the desired destination. There is a possibility to pick up the car on one place and drop it off on another, convenient for those who want to stop their car rental period in another place or want to continue their journey from there on. The advantage with is the possibility to change or cancel your booking in a certain period of time before the car rental start – if you have change of the plan. After you make all the desired selections on the online broker, in a simple 3 step procedure, you will receive a car rental voucher with which you can claim your car and have the ride of your life.

This article is also published at:

Have a nice trip!

The Bavarian Oberland Travel Tips in Germany

Bayern is not the same Bayern, although that is gladly seen above the “Weißwurstequators” so.
From north to south, the Free State is divided up into seven administrative districts.
Upper Franconia, Middle Franconia, Lower Franconia, then continue on the Oberpfalz, Lower Bavaria, Swabia and in the far south to Upper Bavaria.

And right here, in Upper Bavaria, is the so-called “Bavarian Oberland”. These include the counties Bad Toelz – Wolfratshausen, Garmisch – Partenkirchen, Miesbach and Weilheim – Schongau. And right here in the Bavarian Oberland, it looks like you Bavaria above the “Weißwurstequators” imagines.

Not without reason is the region between Munich and the border with Austria one of the most popular German holiday destinations. With his proverbial Bavarian cosiness, the painted houses, churches with onion domes and the lying always in the background Alpine panorama, it annually attracts tens of thousands of tourists in the region.

Survey confirms: I want to be here!

By largely rural character and mainly unspoilt landscape, the visitor experiences here a “natural deceleration” of everyday life. This phenomenon is also reflected in the region’s inhabitants. According to a nationwide survey in 2006 regarding the satisfaction with the place of residence, the Bavarian Oberland won the first place. But as it is always so beautiful, where there is light, is always a downside.
In this case, the shadow affects on weekends in often congested roads and uncrowded beaches.

 Anyone planning his vacation, his short trip and mainly day trip to the Bavarian Oberland, the need to consider in advance to expect from his trip and this what he plan accordingly. Because in addition to the well-known beyond the region destinations such as the Tegernsee, the Zugspitze or Lake Starnberg, there are certainly still some uncrowded secrets. Both for swimming as well as hiking or just relaxing.

A platform offers many of the collected information, the Oberland Guide ( Here it is worthwhile in any case prior to arrival or purely throw a look during your stay.

Arrival and departure planned smart

A basic tip for arrival and departure to the Bavarian Oberland is to avoid the weekends if possible. Because the approach from the north is usually either on the A95 towards Garmisch-Partenkirchen or the A8 towards Salzburg and then continue on the B13, B318 or B307. No matter which of these routes you choose, from Friday afternoon there are no leaks on these roads to the south. Sunday from noon then shows the same image in the opposite direction.
The problem, alternatives there are virtually none. The many waters and mountains that Strasen all lead sooner or later to the same hampering. It therefore remains that do not want to get stuck in traffic for all, only a countercyclical arrival and departure.

Bus Travel in 2025, will be comparable to both air as well as train travel

Bus Travel in 2025, will be comparable to both air as well as train travel.

Chennai: October 5, 2015: Online bus ticketing aggregator, Ticketgoose today signed an MOU with the Chennai Mathematical Institute to leverage data sciences to bring in scalable productivity enhancement to the bus industry.

“Bus travel has to become the main and biggest form of travel particularly for distances within a radius of 500 km” said Mr Naru Narayanan, Chairman of Ticketgoose. With train travel absolutely bursting at the seams and little increase in capacity, movement between cities continues to depend on bus.

And here is what the industry is likely to look like according to Arun Athiappan, CEO, Ticketgoose.

  • The supply side consisting of bus operators is a fragmented market. Some level of consolidation will take place in this industry with strong brands emerging at the State level.
  • State undertakings that dominate the bus industry will gradually release their near monopolistic hold over the industry, as private operators begin to offer customer conveniences that are simply not available today.
  • Clean toilets in every bus, making bus travel more convenient for women.
  • Facilities for handicapped persons to conveniently board and alight.
  • Improved services between major cities and at convenient timings.
  • Luxury class travel to be also available on buses.
  • GPS enabled buses with a time table and passenger awareness of current status from anywhere in the country.
  • Dynamic pricing of bus tickets based on demand/supply as being practiced in the airline industry.


Rajeeva Karandikar, Director, Chennai Mathematical Institute added, “Mathematics and statistics have significant capability to transform industries. CMI works with forward looking companies like Ticketgoose to bring together IT and Mathematical sciences to effectively disrupt industries. Towards this and to make our services available to industry, we have created an entity called Algo Labs and our faculty now have the means to offer their consulting services thru Algo Labs.

Mr Lakshmi Narayanan, who is on the Board of Governors of CMI and also the Vice President of Cognizant Technologies, said “Bringing together Maths, Stats and business algorithms can elevate the industry to become cutting edge. With this big step in the bus industry, I am able to visualize that 10 years from now, we would be at the forefront of offering technology across the globe, and well integrated into innovations such as driverless buses. I consider this a historical step for the bus industry and take this opportunity to wish Algo Labs and Ticket Goose the very best. It is efforts like this that will finally launch India into the next decade”.


The MOU was signed under the auspices of Lakshmi Narayanan, Vice Chairman, Cognizant & Governor of Board, CMI and Naru Narayanan, Chairman of the Board, Ticketgoose.


For Editorial queries: Sandhya Raju, 9380572123,, a pioneer in online ticketing has been revolutionizing the bus ticket booking experience in India ever since the launch in August 2007.  With time based filters and available seat position being displayed at the result page itself, TicketGoose enables quick booking based on users’ past choices. TicketGoose mobile app provides bus tracking facility using real time locations, enables to share the ticket with family and friends besides providing information on highway motel ranking that is crowd sourced.  With more than 1800 operators displaying their inventory on the platform, and over 40 operators using the TicketGoose platform to integrate their fleet operation, TicketGoose has been the torchbearer for organising the hitherto unorganised bus industry in the country. The team at TicketGoose headed by Arun Athiappan, Co-Founder and CEO, under the able guidance of R Narayanan, Chairman, comprises of highly qualified and dedicated technical professionals who are focussed on ensuring hassle-free, cost effective and happy travel for consumers.

Road Trip to Ladakh

It was a summer back in the year 2010. All excited for my trip to Ladakh, I and a bunch of friends started packing to head towards the station next day. All through the train journey, we kept discussing about things we would do when we reach our destination. We knew Ladakh had so much to offer. Not only rich in natural environment, the magnificent place was truly enriched with wild life. Besides this invigorating sport activities would await your arrival eagerly here. But being an avid traveler, I was most interested in the road trip, when we would hop into our jeeps and head out on a road safari, visit each tourist place, clicking photographs and making new memories. All night in train went with random thoughts of an impeccable road safari.


The next day when we reached our hotel, The Prim Resort, we couldn’t be more happier. Immaculately crafted in old village style, the resort did not just offer comfort in its old world charm but provided us the exact location we were hoping to stay at. We could access every tourist place from here witch such ease that it made us all joyous and excited.

We hired a jeep and headed out on the trip. And it all began; the fun, the adventure and the experience that became unforgettable. The roads as expected were snow covered and even driving became an adventurous task but the hilarious road side signs directed us perfectly and made us laugh all the more. I could not forget some of them like “be soft on my curves”, “be Mr. late not late Mr.” Impeccable, the journey was. We passed trough Khardunga Pass, the highest civilian motor road in the world. It wasn’t a road, clad with snow and narrow passages but it is the best Ladakh has to offer. Riding at such high altitude is a memorable experience. But the more interesting part was people have tied up colourful flags that beautifully contrasted with the white snow peaks and are believed to drive away bad spirits and protect the commuters.

We visited some most sought after destinations at Ladakh, beautiful monasteries being at the top of all. Crafted to such perfection, each monastery in Ladakh shone in its own uniqueness. Like Spituk Gompa is perched atop the hill. Climbing the mountain would make you all exhausted but just as you reach its gate, you would become all serenaded and peaceful, and such was the ambience it possessed. Then we visited Namgyal monastery famed for its splendid Buddha statue. As believed by many, the place will actually offer you inner peace. Hemis monastery with masked rides and Likir monastery with intricate wooden work are must to mention in the long list of rich heritage places in Ladakh. But the best monastery, I ever visited in my life was Lomayuru monastery. With its perfect location, one can enjoy complete serenity by starring at vast sky at night that look jet black and it seemed like stars were gazing at you though it was the opposite. The more beautiful the scenery was, the more pleasing the experience became.


But if you happen to be in Ladakh, then you cannot just return by visiting only monasteries if you do not want to miss out on the amazing endangered species like Snow leopard and wild yaks. Hiking on Zanskar range and getting drenched in the beauty of Pangaong Tso lake and Tso Moriri Lake rendered a whole new experience. Their enchanting views urged you to stay there forever. It is hard to forget Nubra valley as well. For once we had to leave our lovable sturdy jeep because when you are at the valley, no means of transportation could help you but The Ship of the Deserts, Camel. Yes, among snowy peaks, you could find a vast and arid desert that offered you the adventure of Arabian Nights. In short, Ladakh was a magical place that never fails to take you by surprise.

Get Cheap Travel Discounts and Earn Thousands As You Travel with this Home Based Business Opportunity!

Travel. Everyone knows at least one person who travels. But in todayâs economy, that it can be a difficult thing for the average person to do. With the rising price of fuel, traveling can become quite expensive. We all want cheap cruises, cheap flights to Las Vegas, cheap airline tickets. But how do we get them? We know its hard to travel the USA or even places like London or Australia without some form of discount.

This is where BonVoyage1000 comes in.

Alan Jay Copeland CEO of Now Is Money Inc. wants to help you not only lower the cost of your traveling needs, but also want to show you how YOU can make money while doing it! Imagine running your own home based business while you shop in Las Vegas! Or what about using the opportunity to make thousands while you swim in the lagoons of the Florida Keys?

This opportunity is PERFECT for anyone! If you travel, this gives you amazing discounts. Even if you donât travel, selling these products is a great way to earn income.

The business I am part of was designed to assist those of us who are searching for a way to create massive income from home, without picking up the phone and begging strangers to join your business. Those days are over! Regardless of your background you will have an opportunity to create massive wealth here! Create steady income and make good money online. You get a marketing website. You also receive a password-protected back office. Your back office is the nerve center of your business, allowing you to control your marketing and sales in a secure, online environment from anywhere in the world.

You can now experience real success working at home. This is especially good income opportunity for everyone around world.

People everywhere want to be able to control their own destiny and to have a real chance at gaining wealth. The joy of being debt-free, having substantial money in the bank, and building your net worth is a worthy goal.

What you need is the financial vehicle to take you to your dreams.

And we can show you that vehicle! Just check out our website:

Travel is about pursuing your passions – in art, wine, history, golf, fashion, or the Great Outdoors, and BonVoyage1000 is a private club for families, couples, and individuals who want to make world travel a part of their lifestyle.

Your VIP Membership in BonVoyage1000 will introduce you to a whole new world of travel possibilities while saving you time and money in the process. We help create unique and memorable travel experiences for you and your family, covering thousands of destinations in over 100 countries.

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4 Ways to Save Time and Money on Rail Travel

Lot of hours are lost in the life of every Indian waiting for trains. Delay running of trains is not an exception in India; rather it is a regular practice. India has one of the largest rail networks in the world, but this complex mesh suffers a lot due to its enormity. Any given time, there are more trains running on the tracks then what it can handle. As a result, severe delays cause enormous pain for the passengers. Though, modern day passengers always view the historical run time data of any train (by visiting the website) before fixing their choice of trains through the live train status.


But then, if a train is punctual the demand for tickets in that given train is sky high. As a result, more often than not PNR status for these trains show high waitlist counts, discouraging the normal passengers from booking tickets in such trains. There are ways to counter this problem too., a leading travel content creator and smart travel app, has come up with a list of features that will help the passengers save their time and money. Let us take a run through some of these features:


  1. Delay at Station: When you are travelling to a specific station, there will be hundreds of trains ready to take you there. But, it is not wise to book tickets in any train you come across. If you truly value your travel time and want to maximize it, then the best way would be to make an informed decision. Delay at Station feature available at the website provides much deeper insights into the running of trains to a particular station then the live train status. When you search by the name of your destination station, the website will quickly fetch information about the 50 days’ delay status for each and every train visiting that station. You can quickly and easily decipher the trains maintaining their timelines with the help of this feature.
  2. PNR Confirmation Probability: Don’t just view the list of timely trains, rather go on and create a list of these. Once done, search for tickets in the best performing trains. If you find that PNR status in some or most of these trains shows high waitlist count, do not be discouraged in any sense. That is common, every passenger in India wants to avoid the delays and your first train preference will be the preference for thousands of others. Now the worry on your mind will be: is booking tickets on high waiting list a good option? Do you know there are certain trains, during certain times of the year, where a person with waiting list of 300 gets confirmed berth at the point of journey. So, how to check whether the risk is worth taking? Simply use the Confirmation Probability feature, and the probability score is rated in High, Medium and Low. High is a definite – go ahead!
  3. Real Time Notifications: Immediately after you have booked the tickets, make a small effort to save the trip in “My Trips” of the RailYatri app. By doing so, you will receive automatic notifications regarding the progress of your ticket. Other important announcements regarding the train or any disruptions will be sent to you through the notifications. Notifications by RailYatri make sure that whatever is the PNR status of a passenger, he/she can stop worrying.
  4. Rail Radar GPS: Apart from being a good to know information, this feature can be immensely helpful just before or while travelling in the train. There are many instances when you reach the boarding station only to find that the train is delayed. At worst instances you just keep waiting without understanding when the train will arrive. Just check the status of your train in the Rail Radar GPS and you will quickly understand the extent of delay and the reason for it. If your train is waiting in the middle of nowhere for unusually long, then you can check the data for the route and understand what is causing the delay. It is a hugely improved form of live train status.

As you can see these features of website or the RailYatri smart app will completely transform your travel experience from a fidgety and nervous one to being smooth and fun filled. Next time you travel have RailYatri as your companion.

Why should one consider opting for travel insurance when planning a vacation abroad?

 A vacation abroad is an ideal way to relax and unwind your stress away. But at times, various factors can affect your trip, which can put you in harm’s way. But with travel insurance you will be well protected no matter where you go. Here are a few reasons why you should opt for this insurance on you trip.


Saves your from extra expenditure

No one likes to spend their funds excessively. However, at times, when you are abroad, unexpected events will force you to shell out extra cash. It is a rule, that when you travel abroad, you will require to carry a fixed amount of funds in the local currency. But certain conditions like weather conditions cancelling your travel plans or even a terrorist threat in your travel destination can cause you to shell out extra funds. But with the travel insurance, you can be well assured, that you will be financially protected in such conditions. You only need to apply for this insurance scheme, with a clause that covers such situations.



Provides you financial aid during any emergency


As a traveller abroad, there are various was you can lose your funding. You will be vulnerable to the local elements, who look out for a quick buck or you can suddenly find yourself in a medical emergency, which required an equally urgent hospitalization, wherein you might require immediate treatment. In such cases, you might not have sufficient funds to move ahead. Insurance for travelling will protect you in such cases. You can apply for a cover that includes these clauses to ensure that your travel to your destination will keep you well safe and sound.

Offers assistance for replacement items

Baggage delay or loss is not uncommon during travelling, especially when on a flight. While you may not be able to know if your luggage is about to land in a different country, you can always be prepared for such situations. It is important that you are well organised for such situations as losing your luggage can lead to complications, especially if you are carrying medication or other equally important items. Travel insurance in this way will provide you with the ideal financial aid. You can get your clothes replaced or even your prescription filled with this cover.


These are few reasons which will require you to apply for travel insurance. However, while it may not be an absolute compulsion for you to purchase this insurance, it will go a long way to protect you from any financial loss during your trip abroad. There are several insurance covers that is customized to suit your needs, so pick the right one today!

5 reasons why you should opt for a travel package

When taking trips and deciding on the holiday destination a lot of factors come into play- travel, number of days of the trip, hotel bookings, cost, sight-seeing, shopping and much more. Thus implementing the most perfect plan becomes a problem, because the trip should be enjoyable as well as comfortable, and in this case the budget you have in mind plays an important role. One way that you can ensure that you and your family will have a great time during your trip, is through a tours and travels company. Travel companies are set ups that offer you great travel packages, thus ensuring that your stay at your choice of place is planned and organised within your budget.

5 reasons why you should take a trip through a travel agent are- Budget- While planning a holiday the budget is the most important aspect. When you opt for a holiday package cost saving becomes one of the greatest advantages. While going to another place for a holiday, generally you do not have an idea about the airfares, tariff in hotels and rates for sight-seeing, but travel agents know these things. Thus they will be able to offer you the best that you can afford.

Relax more, worry less- A package holiday offers you the advantage of zero headaches, while planning the trip. When you choose a tours and travels company to plan your holiday you get rid of all the organising, which involves booking the tickets, reservation of rooms etc. Everything is taken care of, all you have to do is pay.

Wholesome experience- Tour packages offer a wholesome experience and a complete tour. For example, if you are going to Darjeeling, your package will ensure that you will visit all the sight-seeing options that Darjeeling has to offer. The packages are so designed that they cover all the major spots to sight-see.

Optimum service- Packages offer the best of service during your stay. An all-inclusive package ensures that your stay is comfortable and you have a great experience, be it the standard of the hotel you are staying at or the food that you eat.

Travelling safe- While you may be unaware of how minor aspects of a place hinder and delay travelling, a travel company is aware about these aspects and try their best to make your commutation an enjoyable one. Thus, you journey and stay becomes safe.

In India, there are a great many travel companies in Mumbai and other metropolitan cities as well as small towns, you can choose the best and plan your trip with your family keeping in mind the above 5 advantages.

Find Cheap Travel Trailers Right Around the Corner at RV Repo Auctions

In the current difficult economic times, it is becoming increasingly attractive for RVers to find cheap travel trailers. If you’ve been dreaming of hitting the open road, a used travel trailer is the best way to go. How much money you will need in your budget depends greatly on where you purchase.

Buying directly from an owner through a classified ad is the most common route for potential travel trailer seekers. While you are likely to find one in a reasonable condition, you are unlikely to be getting a cheap deal. Most owners are selling to pay off their financial obligations or are trying to get as much extra cash as possible.

In today’s modern society, we have the superb resource of the internet that can provide us with almost any information that we require. Finding cheap travel trailers is no exception. If you would still like to pursue the purchase from an owner, you could search Craigslist or do a Google search for any private websites that are selling a travel trailer in your area.

Another option worth considering is an online auction or a public auction in your near vicinity. The easiest way to find RV repo auctions is joining a website that actively searches out auctions, and collects and categorizes them for you. You may be surprised at how many auctions are held right there in your city. The website can give you details of when and where the auction will take place, and the type of items to be sold.

This will be your best source to find cheap travel trailers. Vehicles/trailers have incredibly low prices, simply to ensure that they are sold on the day of the auction. They are most likely repossessed from owners who have defaulted on their payments, and need to be sold to make up for the financial loss of the organization and to avoid storage costs.

To ensure that you are getting a good deal for the travel trailer, you should get an idea of it’s actual value by consulting a buying guide. In most cases, you will see that the trailer is being sold at way below the trade-in value.

Remember, with an RV it’s critical to save your money up front on the purchase. Don’t try to recoup at the sale. Thoroughly research all your options and decide which one will get you the best deal on cheap travel trailers. Then, enjoy the trip and the remarkable amount of money you’ve saved.

Travel Las Vegas On A Budget Pt 4. “The Hangover”

This is the fun part, where you want to go out, but you really can’t afford high end night clubs or a private booth, which could set you back $1500-5000, depending on the bar or club.

Don’t sweat, i’ll have you drunk for very little money in no time. #vegasbaby #lasvegas #thehangover . So how do we drink on the cheap you ask? Eaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssy as. Just pull up a seat by a slot machine and put a $1 bill in it, you heard correctly, a $1 bill. Looks for a machine that’s a 1 cent a spin one and play “one line / one credit”, hence only spending 1 cent a spin. I trust that all makes sense so far.

The cocktail waitress will walk past and call out “drinks anyone”, make sure you capture her attention immediately and order your beer or spirit. The catch here, they’ll take about 15 – 20 min to come, in the hope you’re going to pump the slot machine and lose more than the value of the drink, significantly more! No need to sweat my friends, stick to the “1 line, 1 spin policy”, check your Facebook or Instagram status to waste some time and before you know it your drink will arrive for the princely sum of $1, yep, $1 tip and there’s your free drink.

Now the smarter ones among you will realize that alcoholic spirit drinks aren’t cheap and if you’re on a budget vacation in Las Vegas, you’ll work out quickly, drinks aren’t cheap. So if you plan on getting smashed, “The Hangover” style, tip the waitress $10 and request she bring you the same drink every time she fills an order on the floor. That’ll be the best $10 you’ve spent in Las Vegas. Speaking from experience on multiple occasions, you’ll have a steady flow of grog flowing your way for as long as you can drink it, try it out, if it doesn’t work, message me here and drinks are on me next time!

Now that you’re drunk and can’t afford a higher end nightclub, is the night over, spent drunk playing slot machines? That would be a waste of an evening wouldn’t it? Rhetorical questions.

Stay tuned for part 5 of the blog where i’ll explain in detail how to party on where you’ll meet women in a relaxed atmosphere and only need to top up with a few drinks along the way.

Remember when you’re looking to book your next cheap Las Vegas on a budget vacation, plan ahead and check the market for hotels and flights in advance, i’d recommend searching for a week, looking and comparing different hotel and airline rates. will do all the work to help you save up to 75% on your next booking, with best price guarantee.

Travel Las Vegas On A Budget. Part 5

So you got drunk for pretty much the cost of 4 or 5 Red Bulls, not a bad effort, give yourself a pat on the back. I can honestly say this with 100% conviction, no exaggeration at all, a friend of mine who comes every year when we go, doesn’t have a budget. He would spend probably close to $7000-$10,000 of his Las Vegas vacation, shouting people drinks, including himself of course, at the nightclubs. Insane, yes, he’s insane. What a pointless repetitive cycle he gets into every year we go.

What’s the point in getting drunk playing slots you ask, just to save some money? Well, i figured you’d ask that, so here goes. Every casino in Las Vegas and i mean EVERY casino, has a lobby bar and Casino bar. Just walk the floors and you’ll see central bars located near the gaming tables everywhere, in every casino. Why go to a club and spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars, if you can afford it that’s great, but chances are, you’re reading a “Las Vegas on a budget” article and you can’t!

These bars are awesome. People come and go all day and all evening. Whether they’re killing time in between going out for the evening, or just having a break from the tables, you’ll meet them. Gorgeous women in groups congregate at these bars. Buy this stage, you’re already filled up with alcohol and full of bravado and charm. You’ll only need a couple of drinks to top up. So stay near the slot machines and walk to a machine as you see a cocktail bar waitress in the vicinity and pretend you’re about to play and order another drink. $1 tip and you’ve just saved another $12-15, guaranteed. Does this ploy work, yes it works, all the time. The waitresses don’t care, you’re tipping them.


Back to the bar you go, hovering around people you’ve met, resuming the conversation after excusing yourself for “having a little flutter at the tables”. Great way to meet women at these bars, just be careful, usually littered with prostitutes, as all casinos are in Las Vegas. So make sure you qualify who you’re taking back to the room. If you’re not paying attention it could cost you $50 just to get her to the room of your door, even if you knock her back for sex. The only thing you’re going to blow, is your budget, further! 😉

If you’re smart you can beat Las Vegas and have a great time, for very little money comparatively to other locations you’d expect to be cheaper. Las Vegas on a budget can be a lot of fun. I travel there at least two times  a year from Australia and just love the place.  Poker, good food, cheap drinks, cheap hotels, gorgeous women, who could ask for more!

Always shop for the best deals. The budget extends to finding the best deals before you arrive too. I always compare hotel rates and airline rates, using sites like  , who do all the searching for you and give you rates sourced from the biggest names in the industry, it doesn’t get any better. 2015, life is so much easier online these days, they do all the work for you. I’ll touch on dating in my next blog. Single guys, great tips on getting dates sitting in your hotel room before bed. All within the budget, avoiding those show pony night club women who’ll just bleed you dry. This applies to ladies too, I’ll share the secrets to dating safely and all without blowing the holiday budget.

Tips On How To Travel Egypt And Jordan Tours

Egypt is an extraordinary land. It is famous around the globe for the great Pyramids and the Sphinx, but Egypt has created many, many other wonders to share with the world. Egypt is the birthplace of written language. In Egypt, agriculture developed and the world’s first nation-state was born. Jordan’s history can be traced back to prehistoric times. Amongst its marvels, it offers Roman cities, castles, desert citadels, and biblical sites. The rich heritage of ancient civilizations is evident the minute you land. So take an in-depth journey back in time to the ancient worlds of Egypt & Jordan.

A wide-ranging adventure showcasing the region’s natural wonders and fascinating cultures, offering the perfect combination of guided excursions and free time to explore at your own pace. Tour experts will share with you the archaeological and historical secrets of the ancient sites of Petra, Luxor, and the Great Pyramids of Giza. Whether it’s haggling in Cairo’s bustling bazaars or snapping a desert sunset, Egypt And Jordan Tours will be etched into your memory like a symbol.

Take this fantastic Egypt And Jordan Tours and you’ll discover a whole world of awe-inspiring pyramids, magnificent monuments, beautiful temples and fascinating history. From the Valley of the Kings to the awe-inspiring ruins of Petra, this adventure through Egypt and Jordan reveals so much more than the sphinxes and tombs of your childhood dreams. You’ll sail down the Nile, visit traditional village communities, dig for obscure treasure in ancient marketplaces, and dip your feet into the crisp salt waters of the Dead Sea. Home of past great royalty, and today, widely regarded as the main political and cultural centre of the Middle Eastern regions.

MAESTRO ONLINE TRAVEL EGYPT is offering an amusing tour service for Egypt and Jordan. We offer huge selections of Egypt tours and Jordan tours which helps tourists to enjoy visiting marvelous and attractive sightseeing in both Egypt and Jordan. Our Egypt and Jordan tours combine the best of two beautiful and ancient countries in one trip. Throughout history, Egypt’s vast array of breath-taking monuments has proved an irresistible draw to travelers from all over the world. Jordan’s treasures are different, and newer to the world’s tourists, but equally impressive and interesting in their own right.

Egypt And Jordan Tours are amongst the most fascinating experiences you can have in this part of the world full of cultural heritage as well as mysterious realms. Like all other tours, this will give you an experience of a lifetime and everything you need to know from the ancient times to the present.

Travel Las Vegas On A Budget. Part 3

Ok, so you’ve got through a long day of shopping and wasting time at the outlets and downtown Freemont Street Las Vegas. Did i say wasting time, apologies, passing time, you’re traveling after all, living life to the fullest!

One of the smartest things you can do when traveling abroad, is financially plan in advance, so you’re not “cash strapped” on arrival. What i started out doing, which is really effective, is to open up a travel debit visa card, in the currency of the country i’m visiting. In this case, it’s US Dollars for America. The beauty with this is, you can make payments anytime you like and it locks in the currency at the rate on that day and fixes it for the lifetime of the usage of the card. Smart ha? Ingenious i think! When you consider how much the $AUD / Australian dollar is faring against the $USD, I’ve done quite well locking it in, now that it’s buying about 0.67 cents on the U.S Dollar, which is sickening, considering it was on par dollar for dollar about 2 years ago!

Fortunately i’ve run good on the poker tables (often seen frequenting the Treasure Island Las Vegas Poker Room) playing daily $750 – $1,000 guaranteed daily tournaments until closing time), I haven’t had to use my $US dollars on my card that much, so i just keep topping it up over the year and hardly notice the money leaving my savings account. You’ll save a lot of money on withdrawal fees. For example, a typical VISA card ATM withdrawal can incur fees of up to $50 on up to $1000 withdrawal at an ATM. Now when you consider that’s about p AUSTRALIAN Dollars, that’s insane, we’re on a budget remember!!! With the Visa debit card, you can only spend what’s yours, never a cent more.

So if you go nuts shopping or at the tables, you won;t go in debt, you might be broke, but the good news is, NO DEBT :/ The fees on a withdrawal are about $6-7 U.S per withdrawal, so it makes sense to take $100-200 at a time out, as you’ll incur the same fee for $20-$40, which is silly!

So now that you’re armed with all this cash for your Budget Las Vegas Vacation, what are you going to do for entertainment and meals, easy, sorted. You’ve probably heard of Groupon no doubt? If you haven’t start living, you’re missing out on a world of good deals in the palm of your hand 24/7, updated daily! Set your search at the top of the app to “current location” or manually type in “Las Vegas” and presto, up come all the local deals in Las Vegas, all within your budget. Dinners for 2 heavily discounted.

Chopper rides at half price, facials, massages, theme parks, ghost tours, everything you can think of. If you were to buy direct or online direct, you really would pay almost double for the same meal or service. A lot of things are for 2-4 or 6 people, chances are you won’t be travelling alone, so you’ll be fine. I purchased some great meals on the strip, like an all you can eat Brazilian BBQ meats with a drink and sweets for 2, all for under $80. Sounds expensive, but a cheap treat after a good day of poker for well under half the price if i rocked up unannounced off the street. The food was amazing and it was on the Las Vegas Strip, 5 minute walk from my hotel, no cab required.

I probably put on 2kgs and lost none on the walk back, since it was so close to my hotel 🙁 I did get solicited a few times though on the way, then i realized they wanted money for services rendered. So much for looking in the mirror before i went out.

You’ll even get chopper rides around the Las Vegas Strip for half the coupon price you’ll find in your hotel room coupon book of “things to do in Vegas”. Maybe you’ve had a good run in poker or blackjack and want to upgrade hotels, since you can stretch the budget a little? Do it, you only live once and you know what they say, “when in Rome”, well in this instance it’s “what happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas”.

Sorry to all the wives and girlfriends out there, boys will be boys. In your downtime, browse on powerful travel search engine sites like for the best travel deals in real time. They compare a huge myriad of providers and up to 250,000 hotels in 50,000 locations with up to 75% off. They’ve got your Las Vegas on a budget vacation well and truly covered, even shop for the best flights.

We’ll go into more depth on your Las Vegas On A Budget Vacation in Part 4 of this blog. I’m off for a walk to get a coffee and to enjoy the Australian sun in Melbourne, 27 degrees , it doesn’t get any better #spring. Until next time 🙂

Incomparable Module of International Travel Insurance

Getting ready for an international overseas trip either for holiday, leisure, business or for further studies, it is very important to carry a comprehensive safety net in the form of an eminent travel insurance policy along with you. During the period of traveling, the chances of critical accident, baggage theft or other unfortunate events are very high. So, in the overseas destination which is a complete unknown land it is very essential to have a comprehensive layer of protection with you in case of any unforeseen emergency.

Travel insurance policies provide enhanced protection to you and your complete family in case you get sick or suffer a critical injury. Travel Insurance is the foremost important thing you should buy but hope you never gets to use it. This module will cover you’re hospital and medical bills in case you get sick and are hospitalized, if your trip flight is cancelled, if a family member falls critically ill or dies and you have to immediately come home, if you get robbed, etc

AMA travel shield travel insurance policies are the best in class options as these eminent modules cover medical and hospital expenses, emergency evacuation situations, and loss of baggage and passport, among others. These comprehensive travel insurance modules from AMA also provide cover in case of other unforeseen and unfortunate events such as delay or cancellation of flight, your luggage theft, etc. The module also offer benefits such informing your family and loved ones about your situation 24×7 in case when an emergency arises or when you need some help in a critical situation, these enhanced module of services has made AMA the best International Travel Insurance company.

AMA also offers its specialized Schengen visa travel insurance in Kuwait, this efficient module ofSchengen Visa Travel Insurance Kuwait has specially been structured for the travellers from Kuwait who want to visit the Schengen area, the policy meets the set criteria of travel insurance requirements for Schengen area. Individuals, Groups and students from Kuwait can apply for Schengen visa with the help of this travel insurance module, Schengen area consists of 26 European countries that have mutually agreed to have a single visa for them as to boost tourism. This efficient travel insurance brings individuals and groups from Kuwait one-step closer to getting the Schengen visa; pre-defined travel insurance is the foremost requirement for Schengen visa. This comprehensive insurance policy covers all the critical situations, which the travelers from Kuwait might come across while travelling in the Schengen area.

AMA provides 24 hours a day and 365 days a year dedicated customer assistance, this ensures that the help is on the way the very moment the travellers need it. AMA travel insurance policies has served countless travellers assisting them at every step of their needs, there high advanced assistance modules efficiently take care of the very needs of travellers while providing them with enhanced assistance, this ensures that the travellers can fell more confident and in control of the critical scenario that they have run into.

Road Trip – Barcelona to Milano by Car

While a road trip from Barcelona, Spain to Milano, Italy can be made in under 10 hours, the adventure couldn’t be complete without a few stops along the way. Driving along the Spanish coast through Marseille, Toulon, Nice and Monte Carlo almost begs of a two or three day journey to take it all in.

Out of Barcelona, you’ll start on B-10 then take C-58 / C-17 as you head toward AP-7. Now would be a good time to fill up on petrol and pick up thirty Euro for the tolls you’ll encounter.

Your next road change will be to C-33 with a toll of 1.25 EU. That will be followed by E-15/AP-7 and another toll of 10.50 EU. You will have traveled 160 km by this point and will be entering the country of France and the city of Girona. Take in a museum here. The Museu del Cinema offers an interactive journey into the history of the cinema, from Chinese shadows to the magic of television. Located at Sequia 1, Girona.

Coleccion de Automoviles de Salvador Claret offers a collection of more than 300 vehicles including cars, lorries, motorcycles, velocipedes, bicycles and engines in addition to an aviation collection. Located at Sils, Selva, Girona. There are many other museums as well, including Museu d’Historia de la Joquina (a toy museum.)

Continue on AP-7 through Capmany, stopping for a quick tour of the historic Capmany castle, dating back to the eleventh century. Stop in for some tapas and a sangria before driving on AP-7 for a while longer. Take A-9/E-15 at the exit.

You’ll have to buy another toll ticket at Le Perthus and again at Montpellier 2 and 1. Beware, there are speed cameras at A9 km marker 102.3 and A9 km marker 59.7. Exit A-9 at exit number 25 onto A54 toward Nimes, Arles and Marseille.

Take N572 / E80 followed by N113 / E80. If you are getting tired, consider resting your head on a pillow in Saint-Martin-de-Crau, France. This small town is quaint and thick with history. They offer a charming Friday morning market you’re sure to enjoy.

Out of Saint-Martin-de-Crau, take A7 / E714 / E80. You have many tolls to go, make sure you have plenty of Euro on hand. Close to Marseille, take A8 / E80. Be wary of speed cameras at A8 km marker 147.0, A8 km marker 148.0, A8 km marker 149.0, A8 km marker 151.4 and A8 km marker 196.8.

Stop in Cannes or Nice along your way for a bite to eat and a visit to any one of their dozens of museums. Don’t forget to sample a few French pastries along the way as well.

About 40 km out of Nice you’ll pass into Italy. Take A10 / E80 for about 50 km then head toward Milano. You can stop along the way at Genova, also called Genoa, and take in some sites there. Acquario di Genova is the largest marine park in Europe and is appropriately located on the waterfront at Ponte Spinola. A revolving view of the city is available at Bigo, located in the Porto Antico area.

Out of Genova, you’ll take A26 to your final destination, Milano, Italy. Have a cookie on us!

Budget Hotels in Kumbakonam Are Ideal Stay Options

The city Kumbakonam is a special grade municipality in Thanjavur district of India. This belongs to Tamil Nadu state. The above place is just forty kilometers from Thanjavur and it is two hundred and seventy three kilometers from Chennai. The place is a temple town with many temples. Many of the temples are dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. These are the important temples to be visited by a tourist. Adi Kumbeswara Temple, Goddess Saraswathi Temple, Thirucherai temple, Ramaswamy Temple, Chakrapani Temple, Kasi Viswanathar Temple, Nageswaran Temple, Sarangapani Temple, Someswar Temple, The temples at Thirunageswaram, Pateeswaram temple, Airavatesvara Temple, Navagraha Temples, Swamimalai temple, Thiruvalanjuzhi Vinayakar Temple, Sri Vijayeendra Tirtha Moola Brindavanam temple, Sri SitaRama Bhavani Sankarar Temple, Sri Rama Bhajanai Sabha, Thirbuvanan Sarabeswarer Temple. These temples could be visited even by walk they are close; still there are many local transports available to visit all these temples. The place is famous for metal wares used in kitchen. Especially, there are many vessels made for wedding. Many people visit this place to buy the vessels to present for the wedding ceremony. The local people make the mats with names; this kind of personalized name with mat is not available anywhere in the world. The mats are made to orders for the wedded couples with their names. The south Indian traditional hotels are available to stay and eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. Kumbakonam Tourism is best way to reach this place.

Budget Hotels in Kumbakonam

Hotel Athithya hotel has a central location being located 1 km from Kumbakonam railway station and the bus stand. The hotel has 24-hour check-in facility and has comfortable, modestly furnished rooms. The other facilities offered are cable television in each room, free newspaper, laundry facility, travel desk assistance and doctor on call .The onsite restaurant offers a multi cuisine dining experience.

Anandham Swamimalai Kumbakonam Hotel is 2 km from the bus station on TSR Periya Street and popular on account of its central location. The rooms are clean and comfortable. The other facilities offered are 24-hour running hot and cold water, travel desk assistance and laundry. This hotel has a central location being located 1 km from Kumbakonam railway station and the bus stand. The hotel has 24-hour check-in facility and has comfortable, modestly furnished rooms. The other facilities offered are cable television in each room, free newspaper, laundry facility, travel desk assistance and doctor on call .The onsite restaurant offers a multi cuisine dining experience.

How Shopping Coupons Are Used for Budget Travel Planning

Shopping coupons might be utilized for travel arranging if the offers engraved on these coupons could be utilized taking care of business. To get ready for a plan fly out you need to book your voyage ticket at reduced rate, get convenience at a plan inn or with exceptional marked down rate, and to orchestrate rest of the travel game plans at marked down rate however with strict adherence to security and validness conventions. It might read weird however it’s a sheer reality that you can figure out how to pack all the travel game plans at extraordinary marked down rate assuming that you know how to utilize shopping coupons. Let’s talk over.

Aerial transports furnish discounts to their prompt riser bookings with money discounts. You may not be that much fortunate to get the date of your travel excursion so early however you can benefit the service/assistance of mainstream travel gateways like or, and so forth. These travel entries offer their travel discount coupons for their existing clients and for new clients. Subsequently legitimate Makemytrip coupons or Yatra coupons can do phenomenal as a plan sparing executor.

In booking great inns at reduced rate you can arrange your travel outing at off season. Nonetheless, that may not be conceivable dependably since some visitor spots are best delighted in throughout their crest hours just. In these cases the best part of arranging is to profit a shopping coupon structure great travel help entry where from exceptional hotels bookings are accessible with extraordinary discounts. For instance offers best travel aid for their customers in inn booking. Quality and applicable Goibibo coupons with discount cited on inn booking can carry stunning convenience plan for you throughout travel outing at great reduced rate. Likewise Yatra coupons and Makemytrip coupons are additionally known for their discount offers in booking inns and so on.

In a travel excursion with family everything needs to be in place. Orchestrating all in another put frequently appears troublesome yet with travel bundle busy ahead of time can administer these stresses easily. Travel bundles regularly come exorbitant yet when you can club the rebate offers you can get it in wallet neighborly cost and that is again a sparing in your aggregate travel plan.

Presently there could be address how to assemble these applicable and gainful shopping discount coupons at one go so you can utilize them as a part of a solitary travel trek. Then again, there are two plummet approaches to mastermind these arrangements like

Pack Light, Travel Smart (10 Tips to Help You Pack like a Pro)

Just a few more days till your trip to Phuket. You can’t stop yourself from thinking of the island’s white sandy beaches and breathtaking sights. You wish you could just hop on that plane and go now.

But before heading to Phuket luxury resorts and enjoying your vacation, there is one task you need to accomplish – packing. Many travelers dread this part but you shouldn’t have to. There are smart ways to pack your things for a convenient trip and we’ve compiled them here.

Read on below and save yourself from baggage fees.

#1. Gather all the items you want to take with you.

Spread out your travel items on the floor or on your bed so you can see everything in one glance. This can help you determine whether your backpack/suitcase can contain all of them or not. Knowing your travel needs, prioritize your items and pick the ones you need the most. Keep your items minimal.


Make your own list of travel must-haves. Think of some items you can’t leave home without. These should be at the top of your packing list.

#2. Pack only the right amount of clothing you need.

Whether you’ll be on vacation for a few days or a week, make sure to pack enough clothes and avoid the urge to bring extras. You may have one shirt for each day, swimming attire and one outfit for partying. Do laundry on the road if possible. Most vacation rentals have laundry facilities. Find out if your accommodations have laundry facilities or if laundry service is available.

#3. Roll clothes.

Gone are the days when you fold clothes when packing. If you still haven’t heard, rolling your clothes is more effective. It saves space and prevents wrinkling. Moreover, your rolled clothes can create a lining or layer in your suitcase and serve as cushion for your other items.

#4. Put your shoes to good use.

When it comes to packing, your shoes can double as containers. Use your footwear to contain items like socks, underwear and small gadgets. When packing shoes, pick your most comfortable pair.

 #5. Keep items you frequently use within reach.

Toiletries, medicines and chargers should be on top of other things so you can easily grab them when needed. It can be very time-consuming to dig your backpack or suitcase just to get some tissue.

#6. Pack a sarong.

A sarong is always handy during vacations as it can be used in many ways. It can serve as a towel, shower wrap, a skirt, a sheet, a makeshift bag and even a beach dress. It’s super light, doesn’t take a lot of space and dries quickly. If you don’t have one, you can use a scarf instead.

* A sarong is a long piece of cloth that is traditionally worn in Southeast Asia and now in the west. The cloth is wrapped around the body and usually tucked at the waist.

#7. Bundle cords neatly.

Tangled cords can be such a headache. Avoid the mess by bundling your cords together using rubber bands, twist ties or toilet paper tubes. This way, you can grab and use your cords with ease.

#8. Use a nice-looking pouch to keep small items.

A stylish pouch makes a smart storage for your jewelries, cosmetics, accessories and medicines. This can also serve as a purse when you head to the beach or go around town.

#9. Have plastic bags of different sizes.

Plastic bags are useful if you’re the type who likes to compartmentalize. Use plastic bags to separate dirty clothes from unused ones. Prevent staining your clothes by keeping creams, gels, and shampoos in ziplocs. Keep a huge garbage bag handy to waterproof your backpack when you go out.

#10. Distribute weight properly.

As a general rule, heavier items should be placed at the bottom. If you’re using a suitcase, place heavy items near the wheels to prevent your suitcase from topping over. In the case of a backpack, you may place heavier items on top to prevent putting too much weight on your lower back.

One thing you have to remember when packing is to leave some space. You’ll surely need some after you go shopping for souvenirs and whatnots during your vacation.

Do you have more packing tips? Feel free to share them here.

Significant Aspects Of Travel Insurance Overseas

Significant Aspects Of Travel Insurance Overseas

Perhaps, one of the most significant aspects related to travel overseas (mainly to the European and American countries) is one of the most overlooked ones. It’s having a proper travel insurance cover. In fact, even the outbreak of an epidemic (recently) that led to the increase in the rate of global awareness associated with health risks of travelling abroad did only a little, when it comes to generating more awareness regarding the need of get a proper travel insurance coverage. Dear reader, unforeseen situations, especially medical emergencies can crop up at any point of time. So, while travelling abroad, travel insurance is really crucial. Now you can also buy the best Travel Insurance Online.

Who needs travel insurance?

Before discussing anything about travel insurance plan, it is very important to understand that who needs the same. Practically speaking, every individual who travels needs to have certain extent of travel or/and health cover to fight unforeseen situations and conditions. As far as Indian people are concerned, they should positively buy a travel protection plan. The reason – in India, health insurances are issued in INR (Indian Currency). And that might not cover bigger medical and other bill foreign currencies.

Why Indians are more vulnerable?

Especially, those who travel abroad for a short period of time say, for business purpose or family visits are more vulnerable. That’s because, they can easily lulled in a pseudo sense of protection because they believe that their normal health insurance policies (either self-purchased or provided by the company they work for) would be enough to cover them. However, that’s not the reality, because the regular health insurance policies with most of the insurance providers exclude overseas travel. So, why allow the unforeseen to bother you? Just buy aTravel Insurance Online.

What about the students?

Even the students who go abroad for higher studies find it surprising that, even though the universities offer insurance plans (after the students get enrolled as full-time pupils) that offer them protection, the coverage might not be offered when the school or college in not running or not in session. Tragedies like, accidental injury, hospitalization or an unfortunate death are not pre-scheduled, and puts unnecessary financial burden on people. So, don’t you think it’s wise to stay well-prepared to fight them away?

Even the biggest travel insurance provider believe and advice that passengers should understand that any kind of medical emergency(s) in a foreign land can be extremely highly-priced, in comparison to India. Most importantly, healthcare facilities in foreign countries not even attend to patients who don’t have insurance coverage. Hopefully, you are wise enough to understand your responsibilities as a passenger.

Travel Las Vegas On A Budget – Part 2

So you’ve arrived and settled in to your hotel , but not so flush with cash. Dilemma? Not at all. Firstly, you’re in Las Vegas, there’s temptation everywhere you look and go.

If it’s not a slot machine jackpot promise, a blackjack table in your face around every corner, it’ll most likely be some young sexy girl asking you to buy her a drink and then retire to your room. Now you’re starting to think you’re in heaven right? Hmmm, one of the pitfalls of travelling and having freedom is that if you don’t budget, you’ll be on the next plane home broke, especially in Las Vegas!!!

She was a hooker by the way. A good chance your drink would have been spiked and you’d have woken up with your wallet missing and a massive headache, your drink would have been spiked!!!

Back to “Las Vegas On A Budget”. Get out of that hotel and avoid the tables and sexy seductresses that want you for your money, not your body. The Venetian Casino has one of the best places I’ve every eaten at for the money, in the world! “The Grand Lux” restaurant is a little gem. For $18 odd, plus tip, you’ll get an all you can eat buffet breakfast, including cereal, eggs, toast, fruit, yogurt, danish pastries, juice, coffee and anything else you can think of. All in a world class setting for peanuts! What budget? You’ll feel like a high roller in no time. Oh and if a lady smiles at you in there, i’d say you’re on to a winner 😉

Shuttle bus services operate out of some hotels that’ll take you to Freemont Street for free. The Acey Ducey buss will get you there and back for a few bucks, whereas a taxi will cost you close to $20 with tips. Go there, i strongly recommend it. The Golden Nugget Casino and Binions Casino give you a real sense of what Las Vegas was like “back in the day”.

The Outlets are great for shopping. They are called “North” and “South”, Premium outlets. Google them or look under any “Travel Guide to Las Vegas” and maybe get a cab from downtown Vegas there. It’s cheaper than the other outlets which will cost you $30 for a cab from the Las vegas Strip.

Believe me, that’ll pretty much consume your day. By the time you go to Freemont Street downtown Las Vegas, then go to the outlets and spend hours there looking for bargains (which there are many designer store labels selling goods at a fraction of department store ticket prices), you’re day will be over and time for dinner again.

Being on a travel budget, i usually go back to the Grand Lux Cafe Restaurant at the Venetian Hotel and Casino, because, for $20, i’ll have a nice meal and sparkling mineral water at food court prices, you just can’t compete, really!

Browse on for the best rates for hotels and flights if you’re looking to book your next ‘Las Vegas on a budget trip”, shop for the best rates and deals every day, online 24/7. Over 250,000 hotels in 50,000 different locations, with savings of up to 75%, it’s a no brainer!!!

More travel tips for Las Vegas On A Budget in my next travel blog post on Sin City.

See you at the Grand Lux Cafe and Restaurant, bon appetite!

Wooden Mobile Homes in Kent: For Blissful Days and Nights on a Road Trip

When you plan a vacation, there are so many things that you would like to carry with yourself. It seems like you would take the entire house with you. With that in mind, you can now actually take your home out on a vacation. There are wooden mobile homes in Kent that offer you a luxurious travel experience. These timber constructed homes are extremely sturdy and has the capability to withstand the pressures imposed on it while moving. Besides, they are made from the latest technology that allows them to provide extreme comfort to the users.

A mobile home, however, cannot be designed beyond 20m because of the incompleteness in the Caravan Act. But then, there is no limitation when it comes to its roof height. These caravans are made in compliance with the set regulations. Hence, you need not to worry about your safety or any sort of legal issues.

The wooden mobile homes mostly come in a ready-to-go design. However, there are a few builders who give you the option to design your own caravan. The majority of the caravans available in the market are made from the highest standards to offer comfort and luxury to the users. These moving homes are equipped with all sorts of modern-day amenities, ranging from refrigerator, air conditioning system to heating system. They come with a soft bed that gives a heavenly feeling to the users.

The best thing about these movable homes is that they let you all the required things on a trip. You can even add a folded table and chair for your sudden tea or liquor breaks while you drive through the roads. However, you can either hire a driver or choose to drive your own. Having wooden mobile homes in Kent by your side will free you up from accommodation worries. No more do you have to make advanced accommodation booking before going to a place. You can just pack your bags and come out of your residence whenever you feel like.
With a movable home you can enjoy freedom to the fullest. A well-built timber mobile home acts as a second home to most of the avid travellers. The beautifully crafted interior offers a cosy and relaxing ambience to the users. Not only for travelling, but these wooden units are great for outdoor parties. Apart from getting to party all night underneath the silver sky, you will be equally assured of safety.

Most of these caravans have a compact space and a gabled roof. To enhance their beauty the skylights has been installed in the living room. Even though, they are compact, you will get enough natural light. The double-decker caravans are designed with a classical looking ladder that leads you to the bedroom.  Besides, they have fully equipped bathroom as well as kitchens. If you wish to own one of these movable homes contact a builder today.

7 Tips For Planning a Trip to USA

Planning a long vacation to USA can be a daunting task. Where to begin? What should be step one? What to pack? When to visit? Where to stay? So many questions! So much confusion! Hope the following trip planning tips guide you and help you out in planning your dream holiday:

1. Check the visa requirements: Visitors going to the United States must have a valid passport, visa, or other accepted documentation. Having said this however, in an effort to attract more tourists, the US has initiated a ‘Visa Waiver’ program for people going on a vacation for a maximum of 90 days. There are 36 countries already participating in this program. Check whether yours is one of them.

2. Rein in the dreamer!: While planning a trip, one tends to get over excited! You want to see it all, experience it all. But, you have to get practical and sit down to work on your budget and think about how much time you can afford to spend away from your job. USA is so huge, one trip will any which way not be enough to cover the entire nation.

3. Asses your personality: Are you a beach bum? Or would you rather hike across the Grand Canyon? Do you love skiing? Or would you rather go bargain hunting? Or are you a party animal? With USA housing every type of topography known to mankind, assess your personality and chose a vacation destination accordingly.

4. Research: Research well on your chosen destination.  Check the official website of the U.S. Department of State for any travel tips and warnings. The website also issue warnings about cities facing natural calamities.

5.  Use the power of the internet!: Once you decide your trip duration and budget, go to your favourite trip planning website and check out travel itineraries created by users or create your own customized one.  This way, you can enjoy your trip at your own pace. Unlike tour operators who rush you around a city to show you maximum number of tourist attractions in minimum number of days!

6. Put your ‘smartphone’ to good use: With wi-fi being available everywhere in USA, download a good trip planner and plan your trip on the go! Also, prep up your phone with applications such as Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook and Google Hangout so that you can stay connected with your loved ones while travelling.

7. Don’t forget to buy travel insurance: Not just while travelling to USA, but for any international trip you intend on taking up, travel insurance is always a good thing to invest in.

Apart from these travel tips, do keep in mind the following:

No vaccinations are required to travel to the US. However, you should make sure you are up to date with your health checkups and medicine doses. Health-care provision in USA is good but it doesn’t come cheap.

The US currency (dollar) is divided into 100 cents. Coins consist of 1 (penny), 5 (nickel), 10 (dime), 25 (quarter), 50 (half-dollar) and $1. Notes/Bill consist of $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100.If you are carrying currency exceeding a total of $10,000, you need to declare it at the airport.

Pack Light, Travel Smart (10 Tips to Help You Pack like a Pro)

Just a few more days till your trip to Phuket. You can’t stop yourself from thinking of the island’s white sandy beaches and breathtaking sights. You wish you could just hop on that plane and go now.

But before heading to Phuket luxury resorts and enjoying your vacation, there is one task you need to accomplish – packing. Many travelers dread this part but you shouldn’t have to. There are smart ways to pack your things for a convenient trip and we’ve compiled them here.

Read on below and save yourself from baggage fees.

#1. Gather all the items you want to take with you.

Spread out your travel items on the floor or on your bed so you can see everything in one glance. This can help you determine whether your backpack/suitcase can contain all of them or not. Knowing your travel needs, prioritize your items and pick the ones you need the most. Keep your items minimal.


Make your own list of travel must-haves. Think of some items you can’t leave home without. These should be at the top of your packing list.

#2. Pack only the right amount of clothing you need.

Whether you’ll be on vacation for a few days or a week, make sure to pack enough clothes and avoid the urge to bring extras. You may have one shirt for each day, swimming attire and one outfit for partying. Do laundry on the road if possible. Most vacation rentals have laundry facilities. Find out if your accommodations have laundry facilities or if laundry service is available.

#3. Roll clothes.

Gone are the days when you fold clothes when packing. If you still haven’t heard, rolling your clothes is more effective. It saves space and prevents wrinkling. Moreover, your rolled clothes can create a lining or layer in your suitcase and serve as cushion for your other items.

#4. Put your shoes to good use.

When it comes to packing, your shoes can double as containers. Use your footwear to contain items like socks, underwear and small gadgets. When packing shoes, pick your most comfortable pair.

#5. Keep items you frequently use within reach.

Toiletries, medicines and chargers should be on top of other things so you can easily grab them when needed. It can be very time-consuming to dig your backpack or suitcase just to get some tissue.

#6. Pack a sarong.

A sarong is always handy during vacations as it can be used in many ways. It can serve as a towel, shower wrap, a skirt, a sheet, a makeshift bag and even a beach dress. It’s super light, doesn’t take a lot of space and dries quickly. If you don’t have one, you can use a scarf instead.

* A sarong is a long piece of cloth that is traditionally worn in Southeast Asia and now in the west. The cloth is wrapped around the body and usually tucked at the waist.

#7. Bundle cords neatly.

Tangled cords can be such a headache. Avoid the mess by bundling your cords together using rubber bands, twist ties or toilet paper tubes. This way, you can grab and use your cords with ease.

#8. Use a nice-looking pouch to keep small items.

A stylish pouch makes a smart storage for your jewelries, cosmetics, accessories and medicines. This can also serve as a purse when you head to the beach or go around town.

#9. Have plastic bags of different sizes.

Plastic bags are useful if you’re the type who likes to compartmentalize. Use plastic bags to separate dirty clothes from unused ones. Prevent staining your clothes by keeping creams, gels, and shampoos in ziplocs. Keep a huge garbage bag handy to waterproof your backpack when you go out.

#10. Distribute weight properly.

As a general rule, heavier items should be placed at the bottom. If you’re using a suitcase, place heavy items near the wheels to prevent your suitcase from topping over. In the case of a backpack, you may place heavier items on top to prevent putting too much weight on your lower back.

One thing you have to remember when packing is to leave some space. You’ll surely need some after you go shopping for souvenirs and whatnots during your vacation.

Do you have more packing tips? Feel free to share them here.

Pack accordingly for your Next Road Trip

I being a frequent traveler I prefer my ride as comfy as possible, so travel with least luggage is always in my proposition. In past, I prefer myself travelling with tons of items and number of bags. But this makes my journey a very heavy and I find myself carrying only my bags all around and not enjoying my tour. Sometimes I found myself carrying toiletries and other day-to-day items also despite of the fact, which I know for sure, is made available as soon as I enter my room where I suppose to stay while travelling. But travelling with fewer bags is like an oasis for people like me, who does not bother to spend tons of money on buying travelling products. . You do understand why I prefer to go with smallest luggage possible. I like myself travelling with all my essentials but at the same moment I want my trip to be as comfortable as it can be. For this, I have to learn to pack perfectly for my next road trip. So before Hiring a Taxi or Booking a Cab for next trip you must consider some of the things, which I find myself vey relevant to this context.


Limit your Luggage: Try to limit your luggage to the minimum number because if you are Booking a Cab or just Hiring a Taxi, means you have not all the space in the world .You do not necessarily like to stuff all the space of your Rental Car with your luggage. Organizing is yet another step one must follow. Try to pack like soldiers do i.e., roll your two or three clothes as a whole, second step is to use every crevice, means always look for the kind of bag having lots of pockets. You can also put your rolled socks in your shoes. And if you are very fond of shoes and loves to travel with them like a lot than wearing your heavy and big shoe while travelling and putting your sleepers or loafers in your bag is yet another tip to cut down your luggage. If someone is either very fond of jewelry or is using any kind of medicines than Multi cabinet box is like an apt choice.

Be ferocious: Whenever you decide to travel then be ferocious and harsh on yourself while packing. Because most of us pack almost everything which we need while staying at home and forget about travelling part. Try to use Darwin’s Theory for packing, so first of all spread your must take items then again selects on the basis of availability and use. You must shock by the outcome of your selection and lightness of your luggage. This way you can go for the trip with almost no luggage.


Become security expert: While travelling you have to be alert and have to keep your documents safe from being theft. The best way is hiding under your layered clothes or wearing money belt like things can assure your peaceful journey. With under laying pockets in your clothes it becomes easy to hide and secure your documents. This also helps to take out when necessary and urgent.


When all this sums up gives you the pleasure of tension free and luggage free journey to your dream destination. So enjoy and relish your ride with tons and tons of space in your Rental Cars.


Budget Travel In New York City – 5 Tips On New York Travel

The New York area is one of the largest in the world. With approximately 8 million people being in New York City alone and with less than 900 thousand kilometers squared radius, it is the densest city in all of North America! After a long anticipated debut we finally made our way to the Big Apple, and we were so excited we could barely contain ourselves. Going there has been a childhood dream for us ever since we decided to be world travelers and see everything this globe has to offer!

The people, lights, Times Square, Rockefeller, everything seems so exciting! This poised a big question though… What to do? What New York City event to pick? Well, I want to share with you some tips on New York travel that won’t break the bank! These are all an incredible experience and I would suggest doing them all if you can. Keep in mind there is no shortage of things to do in New York City. You’ll never get the chance to do everything, so do what you can, relax and enjoy what this wonderful city has to offer!

1) New York City comedy clubs: This is maybe the best thing I can suggest if you enjoy any sort of comedy at all. It works out really well because they have salesperson on the streets in the middle of Times Square, you don’t even have to look or try to find tickets. They will literally just flag you down and give you a very good price (We only paid $20 for both of us) on the condition that you buy 2 beverages at the club. The nice thing about their special, for those who don’t drink alcohol you can buy any drink of choice. Soft drinks and water were accepted as well so it really can appeal to everyone who enjoys this sort of thing and the cost is very low for the reward. It really was such a great time, the comedians were fantastic and we were very glad we decided to go. Highly Recommended!

2) Times Square: I realize this must be on everyone’s “top of the list” but it really is an amazing sight to see. This experience is something that you will never forget. The lights, people, banners, you don’t even realize how crazy it is until you are there. I must have seen Times Square on television a million times but honestly it really just is not the same. Spend a little time there to take in the atmosphere. There are plenty of very nice places to eat but the prices on their novelty restaurants (Hard Rock Café, ESPN Zone, etc) are very expensive. If you want something for a very good price, check out the side streets and look for the local pubs. I would really recommend going at night to see it lit up. A note to those who absolutely hate crowds of people, if you go to Times Square don’t go on a Friday or Saturday evening when it is the most busiest. We went on both a Saturday and Sunday night… the Saturday was chaos, and the Sunday was very nice and calm in comparison 🙂 All the same, I really enjoyed both of them in different ways.

3) Rockefeller Center: We had the pleasure of going during December month, so we got to experience the Christmas tree and Skating Rink all done up at Rockefeller center. This is also home of the famous NBC Studios (Costs $18.50 for the tour).

4) Central Park: One of the most famous parks in the world and the most visited park in the United States, Central Park is a wonderful place to go on a nice day. Central Park is actually bigger than 2 of the world’s smallest nations; Monaco and Vatican City.

5) See a local New York City Event: Take in a ball game, a musical, or something at the theatre! New York really has everything to offer no matter what your hobbies or interests are! You can usually find something very reasonably priced as well, depending on what you are after.

I realize as most people do, New York tends to be quite expensive but with these travel ideas you can go out and have a really great time and still not spend too much money. There is plenty to see, even just going to see the landmarks and places like Rockefeller, Central Park and Times Square are well worthwhile! I really enjoyed my time just walking the streets and taking in the atmosphere.

If you are planning to stay in Manhattan for a week or so, I would really suggest picking up a copy of “The New York Pass”, spend your week and do everything you can. These passes are actually very reasonably priced (Starting at $55.00 daily and only $139.99 for a 7 day period, per person) and you get FREE access to literally almost EVERYTHING you could want in New York City. Here is just a glimpse of what is here. Keep in mind these are only about a quarter of the free things you get, not even including the other discounted items and special offers.

* Central Park Zoo
* CNN Studio Tour
* Empire State Building
* Madison Square Garden All Access Tour
* NBC Studio Tour
* New York Aquarium
* New York Botanical Garden
* Radio City Music Hall Stage Door Tour
* Rockefeller Center Tour
* Statue of Liberty / Ellis Island Ferry
* Suede Lounge (VIP nightclub access)
* The United Nations Tour

Well worth the money if you plan to do a lot of sightseeing, Museums and Tours.

Here’s a link to the page directly for those who are interested:

I absolutely loved my time in New York! I found it really offers you so much, no matter what month, or what day, there is always something for you to do that is interesting. How can you not like that about a city? It has everything and it is a great place to visit. I hope these tips on New York travel were helpful! I know I can’t wait for our next adventure, here in the Big Apple!

Until next time,
Best Wishes and Happy Travels!

Common mistakes to avoid while booking Cheap flight to Thailand from USA

Traveling to different parts of the World has become easier with the growth of aviation industry. Today, a majority of people prefer traveling by air as it saves a lot of time. Owing to the growing demand of people, there are several airlines offering their services from different cities of United States to other parts of the World, making it convenient for people to travel. In addition, the competition among the airlines is also increasing, which has resulted in introduction of low-cost flights, making it feasible for people to travel by air. The introduction of low-cost airlines has made traveling from one place to another easier for both leisure and business travelers. As more and more travelers prefer traveling by airways online booking of flights have come quite common and consequently several online travel agencies have mushroomed offering both domestic as well as International flight bookings at affordable prices.

There are some common mistakes that a majority of travelers make while booking tickets online and spend a lot of amount on tickets. These mistakes are:

Booking tickets on weekends

It is true that owing to the busy schedule you can hardly find time on weekdays and leave all personal things to be completed on weekdays. If you are planning for a vacation abroad and want to get the flight tickets at cheaper price, it is better not to book tickets on weekends. The best day to get the tickets done is on a Tuesday afternoon as it has become a tradition to launch discount on airfares every Monday evening.

Flying between Friday and Sunday

Weekend is always the most preferred time to travel but, this is a big mistake that most travelers commit. Even experienced and ardent travelers commit this mistake and end up paying a lot of money. As most people prefer traveling on weekends i.e. between Friday and Sunday the airfare is generally high owing to the demand. So, it is always better to fly on weekdays if you want to save some money on tickets.

Not checking on different websites

What people usually do is check for tickets on one particular website and books the tickets. This is one of the biggest mistakes that are committed by most travelers. However, this mistake can be avoided and before booking flight tickets online, you should check a few websites and compare them.

These are a few mistakes that are commonly committed by travelers worldwide. If you are planning for a vacation in Thailand, you will be able to find a number of cheap flights to Thailand from USA. However, make sure that you do not commit the mistakes that are mentioned above. There are several Chicago to India flights available that you can book at much low price only if you avoid these mistakes.

Travel Tips for Senior Citizens

This involves choosing the right options and planning ahead of time. Here are a few tips regarding.

Be ready with a backup plan
When you travel during peak seasons it may happen that the rooms you have booked for goes out of order or the medical facilities in your area are closed down due to some unavoidable circumstances. In such cases it is always good to take all your daily medications and life saving equipments such as your first aid kit and your special devices such as BP and sugar checkup machines. If you are traveling to higher altitudes you might also require hiring or buying portable oxygen cylinders in case you feel exhausted.

Consider taking a travel companion
If you have some mobility issues or you think it would be difficult to be on your own it is always a good idea to take a reliable travel companion with you throughout the journey. This helps you reduce a lot of burden of being completely on your own in at a foreign destination. This person should be trustworthy usually someone in your blood relation whom you may offer a sponsored journey in return along with you.

Use Senior Friendly Luggage
It is obvious that you have to carry your personal stuff always with you no matter how Bigger Your Travel Bags are. This personal sack or pouch may include all your important stuff like Tickets, Wallet, Credit Cards, Passport, and Visa etc. There are a lot of scam artists around you for whom you are soft target. Never leave your personal luggage with a stranger or any cash counter. Keep it entangled with you all the time you are on a journey. Make use of high tech wallets which may alarm you when your stuff is being touched or picked by someone else.

Choose an optimal travel package

There are situation during a journey where things do not go as per your plans. If you are young you can adapt to the new demands quickly. But senior citizens must always travel with the optimal travel plans which would ensure all your health and security needs. So when you choose your travel package make sure you spend on all inclusive tours package which assures you get everything that is promised to you. The travel arrangements should be such that you will not have to compromise anywhere with your physical comfort and security. You may always go for Cheap Car Rentals instead of manually driving yourself to unknown places.

Today world has come closer due to the faster and safer travel options. More and more senior citizens opt for travel these days for various personal or professional purposes. Traveling is no more restricted to younger crowds these days. Considering the increase in demand for senior citizen’s travel companies constantly come up with better transportation and accommodation facilities for this traveler category.

Road Trip Music: A Playlist of 50 Songs

American’s do not love anything as much as they do their roadtrips!  Embarking on a road trip can either be one of the most freeing and electrifying experiences one can have when hitting the open road and cruising America’s roads, or it can be a daunting and less enjoyable experience.  However, we have compiled a list that will turn any travel experience into a happy and exciting time!  Here are the 50 songs we think will get you pumped up and loving the open road, as well as a few YouTube links to watch select videos on a video-enabled device.  Now there’s no reason for anyone being a Debby-downer on your trip!

50. I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) – The Proclaimers (3:37)

49. Ventura Highway – America (3:47)

48. Margaritaville – Jimmy Buffett (with Alan Jackson) (4:24)
47. Take It Easy – The Eagles (3:30)

46. Cruisin’ – Smokey Robinson (4:27)

45. Hotel California – The Eagles (6:30)

44. Around The World – Daft Punk (7:07)

43. Running On Empty – Jackson Browne (5:20)

42. The Waiting (Is The Hardest Part) – Tom Petty (3:54)

41. Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd (4:45)

40. Life In The Fast Lane – The Eagles (4:46)

39. Free Fallin’ – Tom Petty (4:14)

38. Low Rider – War (3:08)

37. Ramblin’ Man – Allman Brothers (4:58)

36. Panama – Van Halen (3:31)

35. Mr. Blue Sky – Electric Light Orchestra (5:06)

34. Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car – Billy Ocean (5:36)

33. Walking On Sunshine – Katrina And The Waves (4:00)

32. Electric Avenue – Eddy Grant (3:47)

31. Road Trippin’ – Red Hot Chili Peppers (3:30)

30. (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66 – Nat King Cole (2:59)

29. Paradise City – Guns ‘N Roses (6:46)

28. No Particular Place To Go – Chuck Berry (2:43)

27. Beautiful Day – U2 (4:08)

26. Slow Ride – Foghat (8:14)

25. Livin’ On A Prayer – Bon Jovi (4:12)

24. Runnin’ Down A Dream – Tom Petty (4:23)

23. Already Gone – The Eagles (4:13)

22. Drive My Car – The Beatles (2:25)

21. (Come On And Take A) Free Ride – Edgar Winter Group (3:08)

20. Magic Carpet Ride – Steppenwolf (4:25)

19. Here I Go Again – Whitesnake (4:36)

18. Holiday Road – Lindsay Buckingham (2:13)

17. Hit The Road Jack – Ray Charles (2:00)

16. Up Around The Bend – Creedance Clearwater Revival (2:41)

15. Start Me Up – Rolling Stones (3:33)

14. Every Day Is A Winding Road – Sheryl Crow (4:16)

13. I Can’t Drive 55 – Sammy Hagar (4:25)

12. Born To Run – Bruce Springsteen (4:31)

11. Long Way Home – Supertramp (5:02)

10. Roam – B-52s (4:54)

9.   Go Your Own Way – Fleetwood Mac (3:34)

8.   Fast Car – Tracy Chapman  (3:20)

7.   Free Bird – Lynyrd Skynyrd (9:06)

6.   Little Red Corvette – Prince (4:56)

5.   I’ve Been Everywhere – Johnny Cash (3:17)

4.   On The Road Again – Willie Nelson (2:38)

3.   Born To Be Wild – Steppenwolf (3:30)

2.   I Get Around – The Beach Boys (2:12)

1.   Life Is A Highway – Tom Cochrane (4:37)

Preparing for a Road Trip in Your Vw Camper or Bus

There is an old adage that if you go back-packing you should only take the absolute minimum amount of possessions that you think is possible, lay everything on the floor and then half it! Well we are not sure at Class Campers that this applies to taking a trip in a VW Camper but there are lessens to be learnt from this. Firstly, it is worth thinking carefully about what you pile in to your bus. Ours was a classic example: portable satellite dish/receiver and 12 volt TV; 3 different tents and a swing ball for entertainment! All this and we forgot to take any plates or eating implements.
Secondly, too much weight will effect the ride of your bus and decrease your fuel economy, which to be fair isn’t very good anyway. I once asked on a VW Camper forum how I could make my bus faster whilst increasing fuel economy. The reply was “add lightness”, a suggestion that I have never forgotten.
How does one remember everything that you might need on a Volkswagen Camper road trip?
Some advocate a simple system by sticking a checklist to your fridge a week or two before you leave and then just add to it every time you have a thought! Others suggest that one should have your travelling equipment in your bus at all times. Thereby, each time you go on a trip you can add to your supplies, after several road trips you should have everything you will require. Well although both of these methods work to a certain extent the first suggestion is fraught will problems and will inevitably leave you without something you really need. Like bog paper! The second suggestion is one that I have used for years. I cleared out my camper only a couple of months ago and there must have a ton of crap in there! Most of which had no use at all. And after which my fuel economy got noticeably better. So here’s how you do it! Well its how I figure is the best way.
Write out list of everything you think you might need and throw it away! Then get a pen and write a list of everything you will need to cook your breakfast/evening meal and make tea and coffee! Right that’s nearly everything you need. Then write out a list of everything you need to have a shit/shave and a shower. What you should have now is all the absolute basics but enough to get you through a day or two. Now think about location specific stuff that you might require. Are you going to the Lake District or to New quay- Cornwall, because if you are then you are likely to be going walking or surfing so think about what you might need for these trips. Remember don’t overload your VW bus, there is absolutely no need to take 6 surf boards with you.
Finally, what will you need if something happens to your bus, it breaks down or you have a crash? Now this might not be so obvious to some folks out there so I have included a five part checklist at the end of the article. Suffice to say that your emergency equipment is more important than anything else. If you forget to take your plates you can always buy some. But if you have an emergency and you don’t have any kit it will be too late to do anything about it.

Travel Checklist

Everyday items:

    • Knives/forks/spoons/corkscrew/plates/bowls/serving spoon/mugs/glasses
    • Tupperware for storing food
    • Herbs/salt/pepper/condiments
    • Food/tea/coffee/sugar/milk
    • Washing up liquid/tea towel/scrubber
    • Soap/shampoo/flannel/towel/toothpaste/toothbrush/shaver/shaving foam
    • Toilet Paper/girly stuff
    • Lighter/matches
    • Black Bags
    • Water Container
    • Prescription Medication
    • Sleeping bag/duvet
    • Sunscreen
    • Pen Knife
    • Candles
    • Maps/directions
    • Travel alarm clock Safety:
    • Small Fire Extinguisher
    • Fire Blanket
    • Torch
    • Spare batteries
    • Warning Sign
    • First Aid kit
    • Hi-vis Jacket
    • Mobile phone/charger


    • Spare clutch/throttle cables (you might not know how to change them but it will save you a lot of time should one fail)
    • Set of points
    • Spare wheel
    • Jack
    • Wheel Brace
    • Socket set
    • Screw Drivers (posidrive, flat head)
    • Jubilee Clips
    • Air pump
    • Jump leads
    • Oil
    • Water
    • Bunge cords
    • Electrical tape

Additional Items (these could be handy but might over load your camper, be selective!):

    • Axe
    • Chairs
    • Cooler
    • Firewood (especially kindling)
    • Lantern
    • Sunglasses
    • Tarp
    • Compass
    • Notepad/pen

Before you leave, check:

    • Tell someone of your plans – give details of where you are going and when you expect to return, give directions and possible alternative roads that you may take, provide mobile phone numbers, vehicle description and license plate numbers,
    • Oil level
    • Washer Bottle including the air pressure of the bottle
    • Tyres (Pressure, wear)
    • Check for any fluid leaks in engine bay
    • Lights (brake, indicators, reverse, dip)
  • Battery charge levelFor the best resource on Volkswagen Campers on the Internet, please visit Class Campers

Cheap flights from Mumbai to Goa

raveling for a holiday or business has become common these days. The popular holiday destination in India to visit is Goa. A city which is loaded with fun and lots of beaches. Every corner in Goa looks charming, vintage and is yet to beat with the latest technologies and land mark buildings Goa is a the most common tourist place and attraction throughout India for holidaying.

Since Goa is most common tourist attraction the number of flights from Mumbai to Goa is also frequent. Due to the people who are setting out for a holiday of sun and sand adventure need to make the arrangements in advance. There are various airlines in this sector who do their bit in attracting the ardent travelers with advertising campaigns. Not to say , but selling Goa as a holiday destination for most is not a difficult task.


Goa is the most popular holiday destination and which is very near to Mumbai. During , the weekends many travelers plan a trip from Mumbai to Goa and visit the beautiful beaches and churches. Travelers from all over the country visit Goa, Most travelers travel by road or ships to get there. However, the most convenient way of traveling from Mumbai to Goa flights.


With the lowest fare and cheap flights from Mumbai to Goa, traveling has become more easier. Traveling by flights from Mumbai to Goa helps the travelers from saving time. Travelers can book cheap flights from Mumbai to Goa and travel with comfort.

Most of them find it difficult to contact a travel agent or stand in queue in airline’s office to book their flight ticket. Mant travelers cancel their plan because of this reason. But you need not to worry about the long queues or heavy planning. It is very easy to book your Mumbai to Goa flights from your home. With the facility of internet you can plan and book your flight and holiday from Mumbai to Goa at any time of the day.


It is very easy to search from cheap flights from Mumbai to Goa and can be booked in minutes. To book your Mumbai to Goa flight tickets you can just visit. Mumbai to goa and book your tickets with out any hassle.


Book your < a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:ga(‘send’, ‘pageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link/7331775’);” href=”<a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:ga(‘send’, ‘pageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link/7331775’);” href=””>”>flights from Mumbai to Goa at a very low cost. Cheap flights Mumbai Goa has made it possible for visitors from all around the world to travel with comfort.

Travel Universally an Online Cheap Vacation Packages

The travel industry has taken some big strides in the past few years and is totally geared up to redefine the ways in which it has been operating after the technological advancements in the field of IT enabled Services. People in the Travel Fraternity have seen a rapid shift in the ways the service is delivered to the end customer. Information and Technology has reduced the necessity of middlemen in this industry. It has also influenced the process of booking a flight or choosing an accommodation.

Today customer is the king because he has all the required information at his disposal through the means of internet. All you have to do these days is just log on to a Travel Portal like Travel Universally and all your booking requirements are taken care of like an Ala Carte Menu for all the major destinations around the world. This has resulted in more bookings every year. Now people determine their budget and accordingly choose a package among the options available on the portal. Different packages are designed for different segments and customer profiles by the Tour companies and services and delivered accordingly. Depending on the purpose of your travel you may book an all inclusive vacation package or a tour package which would fulfill all your requirements right from Meals, Accommodation & Transport. These mass customized packages provide you with immense choice optimizing your travel experience.

Traveling has now become an inevitable phenomenon of your life in the year 2015.  It doesn’t matter where you stay under the sun. It hardly matters from which class or the society you are or community you belong to. You have to travel irrespective of your socioeconomic status. Travel Universally knows its customers better and always strive to provide the best deal amongst the ones that are available online.

Travel Universally is providing quality service to travelers form last 30 years.
Our mission is simple; to offer you the best vacations at the best prices for every taste and every budget.
We provide you with the lowest possible prices and the largest possible discounts on air and land travel from the most popular suppliers in the business. We are registered travel agents for all of the popular airlines, escorted tour operators and vacation suppliers. As preferred agents for these suppliers we can guarantee the lowest prices for your vacation travel on all of our preferred itineraries from our preferred suppliers as noted on this website.

You can truly experience the world for less!

When you book a trip with us, whether you’re going to the Amazon Rainforest or to the Great Wall of China, or a flight ticket to a nearby city you can be confident that you have the resources of our extensive experience in the travel industry with you every step of the way. Plus you save a substantial amount of money with our ultra-low prices on escorted tours, river cruises, ocean cruises and resort vacations around the world.

Our staff of travel experts has an average of over 20 years experience in the travel and vacation industry. We will offer you the very highest quality of vacation experience at the lowest price possible; backed by superior service and personalized attention. Through our established relationships with several award winning vacation suppliers, we are able to offer you surprisingly affordable low prices; as we pass on the savings from our volume buying discounts directly to you.

Since we are a fully licensed travel services provider, we are able to provide you with a wide array of vacation-planning assistance and advice as you shop for all of your vacation needs. Our travel experts will help you with deciding where and what your next vacation will be; help you with any airline reservations, offer you information on the options in travel insurance, and ensure you have all of your travel documents in order before you depart. In fact, you will work with a personal travel expert throughout the whole process. You can contact your travel expert via email or telephone during their working hours which they will inform you of… offers allows you to truly EXPERIENCE the WORLD FOR LESS. Book your next vacation with!

Are You Looking For Budget Helicopter Package For Vaishno Devi than Come To Us

Vaishno Devi is found 50 kilometers through the Jammu airport and 47 kilometers from the nearest railway station. The travel desk in the hotel can arrange tours to places of interest within the vicinity. Vaishno Devi Tour packages are also available with the front desk. Despite being a recreational hotel, arrangements could be designed for business conferences as well. The sweetness salon and spa facilities offered at the hotel are the finest in the region. The spot now offers laundry services, valet parking facilities, massage services along with other therapeutic options. Climate is an important aspect in planning any sort for travel for a nice and memorable hassle free holiday. Mata Vaishnodevi shrine in Jammu and Kashmir is visited by millions of devotees on a yearly basis and their count is increasing every year. Climate issue is an important aspect there as there was thirteen kilometer trek to your temple from Katra which take 6 to 10 hours. There’s absolutely no motor able road beyond Katra towards the Vaishnodevi shrine.You  can book Mata Vaishno Devi Helicopter Budget Package .

Vaishno Devi to this the temple can be found when you look at the Trikuta hills at a lot higher place than Katra. Katra town in Jammu and Kashmir is based at an altitude of around 751 meters) above mean sea level where because the shrine of Vaishno Devi has an altitude of 1560 meters above mean sea level. Since this height difference is much more than double there was a substantial climate difference between the two main locations. So taking into consideration the climatic conditions at Katra alone and ignoring the climate at the shrine could be a big mistake as being both these places are visited in a short span of 6 to 10 hours. As a thumb rule reduce 10 degrees C from the actual temperature at Katra that could be at the shrine. If the maximum temperature at Katra is 30 degree Celsius then your temperate at the shrine should be 20 degree Celsius.  Jammu is situated within the foothills of Himalaya mountain range. Jammu was named as a result of its discoverer king Raja Jambu Lochan as he was on a hunting trip.


Vaishno Devi saw there a tiger and a goat drinking water from a standard place when you look at the Tawi River. He had been surprised to see this unusual sight and chose to build a city here where was no enmity between the living creatures. Innumerable temples over here utilizing the vision of Jhambu lochan named it today a city of temples. The ambience is of a Holy and peaceful city. Here we are able to discuss some of the renowned temples in Jammu. Raghunath Mandir is found within the heart of the city. It is called pride associated with the place. It had been built in 1857. The Raghunath Mandir consist seven shrines each with a tower for its own. Oahu is the largest temple complex not merely in Jammu however in the complete north India. The temple has Mughal influence in its architecture plus the inner side of temple is plated with gold. The main deity in the temple is lord Vishnu along with other eight sanctuaries for eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu or “Lord Rama”. The temple has a Sanskrit library too with rare ancient scriptures, manuscripts and texts.

Vaishno Devi and philosophy are integral elements of Indian society, which play a prominent role in a person’s life from birth till death. Etymologically, the definition of religion hails from the Latin word religare, this means to tie or to bind. India could be the birthplace of several religions, therefore the rituals among these religions play a substantial role in human life. The sheer importance of rites, rituals and customs of various religions is seen in day to day life of those dwelling here. Followers of several religious sects go on pilgrimages as homage to their religious icon. Shirdi is probably the holiest towns of India that is located in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. This sacred place was the hometown of Shri Sai Baba, the foremost saints of modern India. It attracts an incredible number of devotees of all of the religions, castes and creed who come here to cover homage for this saint. In line with the Hindu mythology it really is believed that he was an incarnation of Lord Shiva or Dattatreya.

Vaishno Devi is a melting pot of different languages, cultures and traditions. Each region has a rich heritage and history and it is well endowed with nature’s precious gifts. From wildlife to historical monuments to snow-capped peaks and scenic valleys North India has a lot to offer to tourists. Hills-stations, adventure sports, pilgrimages or nature travel, there are many different interesting tours being offered. Tourists in India must aim for North India Tour packages. Fairs and festivals are an intrinsic area of the Indian culture. Fair and Festival tour packages are probably one of the most famous North India Tour package. Mathura is popular among those wishing to witness celebrations of Holi, the festival of colours, and Janmashtami, the birthday of Lord Krishna. Pushkar fair held each year in Rajasthan is the largest cattle fair in the field. In addition it sees many cultural activities like dance and music, and provides countless shopping opportunities.

A Travel tips and guide for London

 London, the main city town of England and also the Uk comes with an amazing atmosphere having a vibrant feel into it. With diverse culture, glorious evening existence, sensational sport, spectacular shopping areas, magnificent landmarks, fabulous art galleries and museums, startling occasions and shows, full-time transportation, affordable hotels plus much more. London is among world’s best metropolitan areas. It is simple to find luxury hotels working in london and economical hotels working in london.

Transportation Ability

Transportation may be the integral a part of any trip. Whenever you land at any one of London’s international airports, Heathrow airport, Gatwick airport, Luton, Luton or London City, it may be very daunting. Try not to, worry London has among the best transport systems in Europe. You will find lots of transportation possibilities for travel to or from international airports. Buses, subterranean transport, trains, coaches and taxis, both black cabs and hire automobiles, also called minicabs are for sale to transport.

Hotels working in london

Hotels with spacious rooms and facilities are situated in most areas throughout London. Most are inside the close vicinity of international airports. Other medication is near to all tourist points of interest you’ve hotels with a variety of amenities. Just about all hotels have bars, restaurants air-conditioned climate controls, gyms, massage and spas, bathhouses and steam rooms, plus much more. So it could be a deluxe and luxurious experience or this is an economical stop over, Cheap london hotels offer accommodation that meets all budgets.

Lovely Points of interest

London is famous because of its scenic beauty combined with ancient and modern traditions. London has numerous of tourist points of interest. A few of the excellent and many striking locations range from the London Eye, Buckingham Structure, Westminster Abbey, Madame Tussauds, the Tower Based In London, Harrods, Large Ben, the British Museum, Tate Modern, Trafalgar Square, London Zoo, Tower Bridge, and Piccadilly Circus…

Shopping Places

London offers excellent shopping experience for both native people and vacationers. Several shops will come in different locations. All roads and marketplaces ton with goods to cater the requirements of a myriad of people. You can go to Camden market, Bond Street, Regent Street, Regent Street, Harrods, Portobello Road Market, Carnaby Street plus much more to look anything you want. Restaurants and coffee shops, bookstores are located near all shopping malls. You can purchase something or simply do browsing working in london shops, you’ve numerous.

You’ll truly have an unforgettable experience, beginning using the excellent ambiance at international airports to begin from London, taking all points of interest and lifestyle.

Hiring Bangalore Taxi online for a road trip to travel in Karnataka

Bangalore Cabs Online

How doest it differs booking a cab or taxi online for hire or rent? When it is offline one needs to roam here and there to find the best agency and one doesn’t know the actual rates for hiring a cab. But when it is online due to transparency the cost is out before you book a taxi and one can choose over a multiple of online booking agencies. If a tourist is looking forward to hire a Bangalore taxi online for city travel he or she would first check out if that particular online cab booking website has its operations in Bangalore. Now segregate and compare the prices and opt the cheapest or economical to ones budget. The price varies with the cabs we hire. And one should be cautious enough before booking o verify completely if there any hidden charges.

Bangalore Airport Taxi

When the tourists intend to have the booked cab pick them from the airport itself then they need to check out for Cab service in Bangalore airport. One need not consume time and reach Bangalore city for hiring a cab. These services are very much needy as the international airports would be in out skirts of city.

This saves time when the tourists arriving Bangalore like to have quick dip in the nearby tourist’s spots help a lot like Nandi Hills, which is very near to Bangalore. Taxi services from Bangalore to Nandi hills are available with all online cab booking agencies.

Bangalore Getaways

There are number of tourist destinations in and around Bangalore and the weekends get flocked by Bangaloreans. The top destinations near to Bangalore for a road trip are Mysore, Munnar, Nandi Hills, Mysore, Ooty, Coorg, Pondicherry, Goa and Tirupati. These are few popular places to name. Apart from these Chennai and Coimbatore are famous for its business trips being industrial cities. Of the famous out station trips from Bangalore Ooty, Coorg and Mysore tops the chart but these days Munnar is also competing with Honeymoon trips. Also, hiring Bangalore to Munnar taxi is very economical for the new couple.

Even the cites out side Karnataka like Tirupati, chennai, Pondicherry and Coimbatore are frequently booked. Tirupati and Chennai stand top and Bangalore Coimbatore taxi is competing well due to its textile industry. Tirupati is a famous pilgrimage in South India and with this reason Taxi service from Bangalore to Tirupati is very popular and with competitive prices. In the weekends prices especially for Tirupati soar up due to increase in number of tourists.

Get Cheap Plane Tickets For Domestic Travel

If you need to get to any other city at the earliest then the best option available to you these days is by air. However, the expensive plane tickets were not affordable for many passengers and they had to settle for the slow and tedious train rides. But now with the cheap airfare domestic and international, people can afford to buy airfare cheap and travel to their travel destination at the minimum time. They can buy cheap plane tickets and do not have to worry about spending a lot on their travel expensive.

The airfare cheap has made it possible for the common man to afford air travel and get cheap airfare domestic. This makes it possible for them to enjoy the comforts offered by the airlines. They can buy plane tickets for their journey and get to the other city in a couple of hours only that further saves them from wasting time.

These days all the information about the airfare cheap and available cheap plane tickets are available on the internet. People can simply contact a reliable travel website that can help them to learn about the cheap airfare domestic that are available for their journey. A single website can provide them with the airfare cheap for different airlines. Thus people have the option to compare the airfare for the different cheap plane tickets before they confirm and buy their own cheap airfare domestic.

For the best airfare cheap and to get the best deals on cheap plane tickets, one can contact The travel website has information for all the airlines and is updated regularly. Searching for the available airfare cheap or booking your own flight ticket through this website is fairly easy. You can follow the instructions that are given on the travel website and you would get a list of cheap airfare domestic which are available as per your travel plan.

So if you plan to travel to another city and need to check the airfare cheap for your cheap plane tickets, then you simply need an internet connection and you are read to get confirm tickets in no time at all.

Best Tips by Dubai Inbound Tour Operator for an Exciting Adventure Travel

Apart from being a progressively growing tourist attraction, Dubai has a lot more to offer for the travelers that essentially captivates your mind. While planning your trip to this extraordinary adventure filled place with your Dubai inbound tour operator, you must not forget to have a clear understanding of several crucial tips related to different adventurous activities. You can effectively quench your individual thirst of adventure as well as thrill at Dubai. It offers distinguished opportunities of dune bugging, sky diving, water sporting, ride of hot air balloon and many more.

Enjoy an extremely memorable trip of adventure filled activities by particularly keeping in mind the following essential tips that include:

Keeping appropriate clothes and accessories

Depending on the weather condition or season in which you are travelling to Dubai, you must ensure that you are taking appropriate clothing as well as accessories with you for enhanced experience of different adventurous activities.  In case you are travelling to Dubai during extremely chilly winters, you must not forget to keep your warm attires with you. The warm clothes will definitely allow you to enjoy all types of adventurous activities in Dubai with ease. Similarly, if you are visiting Dubai in sunny days, you must not forget to keep your favorite eyeshades to fight away the scorching heat of the sun. These shades will prevent your eyes from the sun during any activity.

Desert Safari: A must

Dubai offers an exciting and outstanding experience of desert safari to its visitors. You can essentially obtain much fun and excitement by becoming an active part of various adventurous activities such as dune bashing, sky diving, skiing and even snorkeling. Additionally, you can also enjoy a junkie ride over the camel or hot air balloons. Its ultimate experience will bring your heart in your mouth.

Don’t miss the Dhow Cruise

Another exciting and mind captivating activity that you must not miss out during your trip is the ultimate Dhow Cruise experience. It is capable of maximizing the level of adventure in your entire trip. You must ask your Dubai inbound tour operator to necessarily include Dhow cruising in your itinerary. A distinctive visit to Dhow cruise will provide you a great bunch of unforgettable moments that essentially involve the feelings of romance, joy, happiness, togetherness and peace. It generally offers outstanding sceneries, excellent dining options with best in class cuisines being served, stupendous private dinner arrangements and remarkable sunset cruises. You can ideally opt for either a public cruise or a private cruise for your beloved.

Enjoy round the year skiing experience

It might sound impossible to you to ski in the extremely hot temperatures of Dubai. However, it is possible in the distinguished Mall of the Emirates to provide you an amazing experience. Irrespective of the season that prevails outside Dubai, you can conveniently enjoy round the year experience of this activity. Just turn up to the mall and obtain all necessary accessories for skiing on rent to enjoy uninterrupted skiing experience.